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21 September 2011

The End is the Begining

As of today, DevWeather will cease its blogging operations. We will continue as a twitter feed, and continue to respond to all questions emailed to us and given to us on Quora.

Thank you, this past year has been a great experience.


19 September 2011

Asia Update #47: Heavy Rains Slam China, Southeast Asia

Heavy rainfall returned to China, although it shifted further north, flooding remains a major concern. In southeast Asia, onshore flow out of the South China Sea continued pump moisture into Laos and Vietnam causing localized flooding. Rainfall is starting to taper off across south Asia as the season is coming to a close.

16 September 2011

Africa Update #47: Heavy rainfall continues across central Africa

Precipitation continued to come down heavily from eastern Niger down to Lake Victoria. Meanwhile season-long deficits are starting to get too high to ignore across Cote d'Ivorie and Ethiopia. Continued poor rainfall in North Sudan and Eritrea has caused major damage to cropping activities. Most of west Africa, however has maintained good ground moisture throughout the season.

14 September 2011

Latin America #46: Heavy rain, possible flooding in southern Brazil

Heavy precipitation has caused flooding in southern Brazil. Moderate rains have continued to pound Guatemala and Mexico, as dry conditions creep into Honduras and points southward in Central America. Rains have continued steadily across northern South America.

12 September 2011

Asia Update #46: Moisture Moves into Vietnam and Causes Flooding in China

Rainfall has pushed into Vietnam from the South China Sea, some of the moisture made it as far inland as Laos and Cambodia. Precipitation has continued steadily from Thailand westward across south Asia. Moisture deficits in China increased only in the coastal regions, further inland a flooding event has cause fatalities and destroyed property.

09 September 2011

Tropical Storms Maria and Nate are likely to Strengthen and make Landfall

Africa Update #46: Rainfall Pattern Flips

Thus far this season, precipitation has been plentiful from the Nigeria-Benin border westward, with a few isolated exceptions. Meanwhile, eastward from that point, rainfall has been generally lacking, with a few exceptions. This arrangement of precipitation has flipped around this axis suddenly, and for the most part, that is a good thing.

07 September 2011

Latin America Update #45: Very large dipole set up across Latin America

Moisture remains plentiful around the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, excessively so in southern Guatemala. This extra moisture has pushed back the drought in Mexico. In South America, around the greater Pampas and Rio de la Plata basin area, has been dry this past week.

05 September 2011

Asia Update #45: Nanmadol brings short-term relief to southeast China

The remnants of Typhoon Nanmodol have slightly reduced the rainfall deficit in southern China. Meanwhile south Asia continues to rebound, with areas of significant rainfall deficits restricted to greater Delhi, and northeast India. Poor rainfall in parts of southeast Asia is a growing problem as moisture has not been moving onshore from the South China Sea.

02 September 2011

Africa Update #45: Moisture Returns to Gulf of Guinea Coast

Moisture is picking up, and deficits are dropping, all along the Gulf of Guinea coast. Precipitation was light this past week in marginal parts of North Sudan and Chad. Across the rest of the Sahel and Ethiopia, rainfall has continued to be reasonably consistent. Seasonable rains continue in the Atlas Mountains, as dry weather continues over most of Libya.

30 August 2011

Nanmadol soaks Taiwan, heading for China

Latin America Update #44: Canicula Overwith in Central America

The mid-summer easing of the rains, better known as the Canicula, has passed in Central America. Hispaniola, and nearby islands, continue to clean-up after Hurricane Irene passed them. Venezuela is either having a major flooding event, or major problems with its rain gauges, I'm going with the latter. Precipitation continues to be plentiful in the Pampas along the Rio de la Plata.

29 August 2011

Asia Update #44: Drought relief on the way for southern China

Typhoon Nanmodal, now weakened, may provide some drought relief for coastal sections of southern China. Taiwan and the Philippines, however have taken the brunt of the storm. South and southeast Asia continue to see better rainfall totals and better rainfall distribution. Seasonably dry weather continues in the Middle East.

Typhoon Nanmadol closes in on Taiwan

25 August 2011

Africa Update #44: Improvement over the Sahel, Rains Faulter near Gulf of Guinea

Improved moisture has all but eliminated precipitation deficits in Niger and Chad, although concerns still linger about dryness in North and South Sudan. Precipitation has almost shut off across some Gulf of Guinea countries and ground moisture remains anomalously low across Nigeria. In the east, precipitation remains steady over Ethiopia. Seasonable hot and dry weather continues in Libya.

Irene Stengthening, Moving Slowly Through the Bahamas

24 August 2011

Irene continues to rip up Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas

Latin America Update #43: Two tropical systems impact the Caribbean Basin

Harvey and Irene smashed through Central America and Caribbean islands. Meanwhile moisture improves across northern South America, and in the south of the continent, seasonable rainfall continues across the Rio de la Plata basin in the Pampas.

22 August 2011

Irene Shifts northward, Hispaniola Still at Risk

Asia Update #43: Much of Asia Coming into Balance

Moisture deficits are falling across most of Asia, with the exception of southern China. South and southeast Asia continue to get pounded with rainfall, and that is likely to continue. The area around the Yellow Sea in both China and both Koreas has seen greatly improved rainfall. Next week should be very wet across most of Asia.

21 August 2011

Irene heading for Lesser Antilles, Hispaniola

Tropical Storm Irene formed late yesterday just east of the Lesser Antilles. The storm is expected to pass through the Leeward Islands on its way towards the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. Irene may be a weak hurricane by then, and does have the potential to make landfall near Santo Domingo. From there Irene will continue westward over Haiti, possibly making landfall on Cuba. From there the storm will turn northward, possibly threatening the city of Miami in the United States. It is still early in Irene's development and this trajectory could change significantly. However, Santo Domingo, and all of Hispaniola are currently the most likely place to take the full brunt of the storm.

18 August 2011

Africa Update #43: Excessive Rainfall Around Lake Chad Causes Flooding

Heavy rainfall slammed the greater Lake Chad area affecting Chad, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon. Positive rainfall anomalies were reported from parts of every country from North Sudan to Senegal, though season long deficits and inconsistency remain overriding problems for Africa. A drier than normal mid-summer break in the rains along the Gulf of Guinea coast.

16 August 2011

Latin America Update #42: Moisture exits northern South America

Northern South America once again dried out as near normal conditions continued across the Caribbean, Central America and the Rio de la Plata basin.

15 August 2011

Asia Update #42: Relief in Bangladesh, northeast India

Moisture improved last week across Bangladesh and northeast India as  moderate to heavy rains pounded the area. Those rains extended southward into Burma. The rest of southeast Asia had seasonable precipitation as coastal parts of China had positive rainfall anomalies. Seasonal dryness continues across most of the Middle East

12 August 2011

Africa Update #42: Deficits growing, and spreading, in west Africa

Rainfall deficits have spent the last week growing and spreading in west and central Africa. Precipitation is now only at or above normal in Mali, Burkina Faso and parts of the Central African Republic. Just about every other country is facing deficits to one degree or another. In Ethiopia, although moisture isn't quite meeting climatology, rainfall has been consistent all season long.

09 August 2011

Latin America Update #41: Improvement in Venezuela

Rainfall has improved significantly over most of Venezuela, however, areas along the border with Brazil could use additional rainfall. Moisture keeps steady across the Rio de la Plata basin, allowing the region to stay on track for a good winter harvest. Central America is now approaching (or at) the Canicula, while Mexico is seeing some easing of its drought south of Mexico City.

08 August 2011

Asia Update #41: Muifa Heading towards China/North Korea border

Muifa continues to weaken, and is now targeting landfall somewhere near the border near the border of China and North Korea. It may graze western parts of South Korea on the way there. Elsewhere, rainfall continues to look good across most of south and southeast Asia as the Middle East remains seasonably dry.

05 August 2011

Africa Update #41: Rain Still Insuffiecent in much of the Sahel

From Niger and Niger eastward to North and South Sudan, moisture continues to be erratic and insufficient. In the east, The Gambia and Sengal are also struggling to receive enough moisture, and that dryness extends southward along the coast. Heavy precipitation over the Central African Republic is the exception to this dry trend. Here flooding, especially in low lying areas is likely. The Ethiopian highlands continue to receive steady rainfall.

03 August 2011

Latin America Update #40: Rainfall Improves over N. South America, Primera Season Near Normal

Moisture has improved across much of northern South America- with the huge exception of Venezuela. In Central America, rainfall has been near normal for the Primera season, which will be wrapping up in the next few weeks. Tropical Storm Emily is preparing to make landfall in the Dominican Republic, and yet another front has brought plenty of rain across the Rio de la Plata basin.

01 August 2011

Asia Update #40: Nock-Ten soaks southeast Asia

Nock-Ten ran up the east side of the Philippines, before running over Luzon, clipping China, and finally hitting Vietnam and Laos, before dissipating. Meanwhile, another storm, Muifa, is heading northward in the Pacific and may pose a threat to China, the Koreas and Japan later this week. Season-long rainfall remains near normal across most of India. In the Middle East, seasonal dryness continues.

28 July 2011

Nock-Ten heading for Hainan, northern Vietnam

Africa Update #40: Rainfall Pattern Remains Static across Africa

Precipitation in Africa has continued to not be sufficient in much of the Sahel. This leaves moisture below normal from Niger and Nigeria eastward to Sudan. Cote D'Ivorie, Liberia and Ghana have had some rainfall problems, although there is a brief easing in the rains that is typical for this time of the year. Western Ethiopia has been having a good season.

27 July 2011

Latin America Update #39: Improvement in Western Venezuela

There has been some improvement in the poor rainfall totals in western Venezuela. The rest of the country, however, along with points eastward in northern South America remain unseasonably dry. Far southern Brazil and nearby parts of Argentina and Paraguay received heavy rainfall during the last week. Central America had a near normal week, while the Greater Antilles generally received unusually heavy rainfall.

25 July 2011

Asia Update #39: Rainfall stabilizes over most of India

After months of trying to pin down the Indian Monsoon, it finally has stabilized, leaving out only northeast India, and parts of Bangladesh. Southeast Asia has also continued to improve, although Cambodia is slightly off of it's normal precipitation. Further north very dry conditions have returned to the Korean Peninsula and parts of China.

22 July 2011

Africa Update #39: Moisture deteriorating across the Sahel

As rainfall continues to be below normal across much of the Sahel, concerns are rising about patches of failed crops from Nigeria to Sudan. In east Africa, the food crisis is now building to a head, parts of Somalia have been declared to be in a famine by the UN, and more territory in Somalia, and possibly Ethiopia and Kenya may follow.

20 July 2011

Latin America Update #38: Rains terrible in Venezuela, improving in Mexico

Rainfall has been terrible for at least three weeks across most of Venezuela. It's actually been so terrible, the only reason I don't think it is a problem with the rain gauges is that moderate dryness is being observed in nearby parts of Guyana, Brazil and Colombia. Meanwhile, southern Mexico, particularly the Yucatan Peninsula has had a slow, but steady recovery from drought over the past month. Central America, and the Caribbean islands continue to have a good growing season. In the south, Las Pampas and the surrounding areas are having a good season.

18 July 2011

Asia Update #38: Rains Still off Across South Asia

Rainfall is still not where it needs to be across India, this week rainfall concentrated in northwestern India, denying much of the rest of the country of needed moisture. Meanwhile in the Pacific, Ma-on is looking like it will miss the developing east Asian countries, Japan, however is likely to take the brunt of a very powerful typhoon. Southeast Asia picked up much better rainfall over the last week. In the Middle East, conditions remained seasonably dry.

15 July 2011

Africa Update #38: Emergency looms in Nigeria and both Sudans

A major emergency is possibly building in Nigeria and Sudan and newly independent (as of yesterday) South Sudan if rainfall does not stabilize across these regions. Looking over a wider area, more moisture is still needed in western Niger, Burkina Faso, much of Chad, and the Central African Republic. Off to the west rainfall remains plentiful; and in Ethiopia, despite a couple of weeks of poor precipitation, rainfall remains well distributed.

13 July 2011

Latin America Update #37: Multi-week Dryness in Venezuela, Colombia

Multi-week dryness continues across much of Venezuela and nearby parts of Colombia. Meanwhile, Central America and the Caribbean have continued to have an abundance of rain, with only isolated pockets showing season-long deficits. A dry week across Patagonia, although intermittent rainfall has been sufficient so far this season.

11 July 2011

Asia Update #37: Indian Monsoon Flips. Again

So in an effort to keep me (and all of south Asia) on our toes, the monsoon picked up again across southern India, while slacking off from Nepal to northeastern India, including easing across Bangladesh. That same dryness stretches eastward into southern China, and southward across most of southeast Asia. Looking for an area with too much rain? South Korea has had widespread pockets of flooding over the last week as it has been the target of tropical moisture moving northward. Seasonal dryness continues in the Middle East.

08 July 2011

Africa Update #37: Rains slipping in the eastern Sahel, famine near certain in Somalia, Kenya

In an area stretching from Niger to Cameroon to Sudan, the rains are becoming erratic and light, threatening crops, livestock and people. Poor rainfall from last season is threatening to cause a famine, primarily in Kenya and Somalia. Northern Africa is now drying down, as is seasonable for this time of year.

06 July 2011

Latin America Update #36: Heavy Rain in CA, Dry in Venezuela

Rainfall has picked up significantly across Mexico, Guatemala and Cuba, helping suppress deficits accumulated earlier in the season. The rest of the Caribbean and Central America continues to have a typical season. In northern South America, rainfall has all but cut off across Venezuela and interior parts of Colombia. In south the usual on again, off again rain showers in the Pampas, while southern Chile remains slightly drier than normal.

03 July 2011

Asia Update #36: Dangerous Dipole in South Asia

A dangerous dipole has set itself up across the Asian subcontinent, and it could have serious consequences if it does not break down. After several weeks of relief from drought, dry weather has unfortunately returned to much of southern China. Moisture is becoming more widely available in southeast Asia, as the Middle East remains seasonably dry.

01 July 2011

Africa Update #36: Deficits continue from Sudan to Nigeria

While most of Africa has been seasonable, a belt stretching from Sudan to Nigeria has had poor rainfall, especially in some of the marginal and pastoral areas. Further to the west and east, rainfall has been near normal, to slightly above normal. Meanwhile along the Mediterranean Sea, light to moderate precipitation has continued across Morocco and Algeria.

Arlene forms in the GoM, slams into Mexico

29 June 2011

Latin America Update #35: Rainfall Looking good in Central America, Caribbean

Rainfall is improving, and coming close to normal everywhere in Central America, except far northern Guatemala, and the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica. The Caribbean islands have also been having a good season. Most of Mexico has been struggling with rainfall, severely in the northeast and in the Yucatan. In South America, poor rainfall continues in central Chile and a dry week in inland parts of Venezuela.

27 June 2011

Asia Update #35: Precipitation Improving Across Asia

It is rare that I can make such a blanket statement about the whole continent, but with few exceptions, most of the areas that are growing crops have seen an improvement in rain. The Koreas and northeast China are getting rain from a very weak tropical storm, Meari. In south and southeast Asia, rainfall has also ticked upward in most areas.

26 June 2011

Meari brushes by Shandong Province of China

A weakening and poorly organized Meari has brushed past Shandong province of China, and is now making its way towards the China-North Korea border. The system is not really packing much of a punch. Rains are only moderate, with a few isolated exceptions, and wind speeds are dropping, currently at 40 mph or 64 km/h. The system is rapidly falling apart and will likely dissipate when it reaches land during the next 24 hours, somewhere in either North Korea or in China's Liaoning province. The storm poses no significant threat, even to infrustructure poor North Korea. What rainfall is left, may help ease the dry-spell in northeastern China and along the Korean Peninsula. Unless something unexpected happens this will be the final update on Meari. 

24 June 2011

Meari forms east of the Philippines, aiming for Korea

Africa Update #35: Relief arrives in Chad

Rainfall surged into Chad, bringing some parts of the country, particularly the marginal areas, into positive rainfall totals for the season. Dryness, however, remains a problem in Chad, and nearby countries. Rains continue in Ethiopia, as the country is on track for a reasonable season. Far west Africa is also having an average wet season, although the rains have been slightly slow moving into Senegal. Precipitation continues in Morocco and Algeria, with trying further east.

22 June 2011

Latin America Update #34: Beatriz grazes southwest Mexico

Beatriz, brought strong winds, and heavy rains to parts of the Pacific coast of Mexico this past week, but much of the country remains dry. Central America is doing well, with the exception of Guatemala, and nearby areas of Honduras and El Salvador. In South America, a dry week in Venezuela, southern Brazil, and southern Chile, but moderate rainfall elsewhere.

20 June 2011

Asia Update #34: Major Flooding in Drought Ravaged China

Even though long term moisture deficits remain, catastrophic flooding has occurred across a wide swath of southern China, including along the Yangtze River. In South Asia, the front range of the Himalayas have reported some rain. However, much of northeastern and eastern India along with Bhutan, Bangladesh and Burma remain parched. Precipitation has also been suppressed in southeast Asia. Recently rains have arrived in parts of Cambodia and Vietnam.

Beatriz heading for Mexico.

16 June 2011

Africa Update #34: Rains Continuing to Fail in Chad

Precipitation has been terrible in Chad, and nearby areas of surrounding countries, mainly Sudan and Central African Republic. Light rains this past week in far western Africa have provided some opportunity for field work, while rainfall continues to improve across Ethiopia. The active pattern in northern Africa continues to bring rain to the Maghreb.

15 June 2011

Latin America Update #33: Moisture Improving, Deficits remain in CA

Rainfall deficits remain in Central America, but they are shrinking. Meanwhile, precipitation has slacked off across all of northern South America from Colombia to French Guiana. Moisture has improved significantly in southern South America, from Chile to Brazil.

13 June 2011

Asia Update #33: Drought Hammered in China, Resliant in India, Bangladesh

Drought in China was eased in parts of the south as a result of Sarika, a week tropical storm system that made landfall this past week. Poor rainfall is a growing concern in southern parts of the Mekong River basin. In Bangladesh and northeast India, drought remains a distinct possibility. Seasonal dryness persists in the turbulent countries of the Middle East.

10 June 2011

Weak Sarika to Hit China, Hurricane Adrian to Stay at Sea

Africa Update #33: Dry Corridor Developing in West Africa

A swath of Africa, centered on Chad has been dry all season long. Ethiopia's long season is progressing well, especially in the north around Lake Tana. Meanwhile northern Africa continues a good growing season with sufficient rains, some of which have caused minor complications to the Libyan Civil War, although it does not seem to be playing a major role.

08 June 2011

Latin America Update #32: Rainfall Rapidly Improving in CA and the Caribbean

During the last week moisture poured into Central America and the Caribbean, greatly improving rainfall there. Rainfall has stayed near average across northern South America. Meanwhile in the south, rainfall continues to be in short supply.

06 June 2011

Asia Update #32: Some Improvement in South Asia

There has been measurable improvement across southern Asia as rains have intensified, particularly in southern India and along the front range of the Himalayas. Dry weather continues across southern China, and into parts of southeast Asia. The Middle East remains seasonably dry.

03 June 2011

Africa Update #32: Improvement in West Africa

This past week brought significant improvement to the available moisture in west Africa. Elsewhere, rains continue to look good in the Ethiopian Highlands and across the Maghreb.

01 June 2011

Latin America Update #31: Dry Pockets Developing in Central America

There are a few ares of poor rainfall in Central America right now; the largest of which is in eastern Nicaragua. Northern South America has returned to a typically rain conditions. Meanwhile in the south, frontal activity is somewhat suppressed.

30 May 2011

Asia Update #31: Monsoon Better in Some parts of South Asia

Precipitation has improved somewhat in South Asia and China, but moisture conditions are far from ideal, and northeast India and adjacent areas of China and Burma have had no significant relief. The Philippines had a close encounter with Super Typhoon Songda. In the Middle East, seasonal dryness continues amid ongoing civil unrest.

27 May 2011

Songda now moving past Luzon, Storm Track Shifts East

Africa Update #31: Rains start Pulling out of GHA, insuffient in West

Northeast Kenya never received rain, and most of the rest of the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) are not fairing much better. Meanwhile in west Africa, eastern parts of the Sahel and Gulf of Guinea have been deteriorating since the  wet season began. In north Africa, moderate rainfall may be complicating the NATO mission and the civil war in Libya, as seasonal rains continue in other parts of the Maghreb.

25 May 2011

Latin America Update #30: Rains End in Southern Brazil

The rains have come to an end in southern Brazil, and no region south of roughly the Amazon River has received significant rainfall. Ok, so that isn't entirely true. Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay have entered their "mid-latitude season". Rains have started up a bit slow in Central America. Meanwhile the Caribbean islands continue to receive preseasonal showers.

23 May 2011

Asia Update #30: Is Drought Moving into Northeast India?

It has been very dry so far this season in northeast India. Improvement over the last couple of weeks in Bangladesh and points west has kept this area on track for the start of the growing season. The rains in southern China take a break, reminding us that the drought there is far from resolved. Seasonable weather continued in southeast Asia, although there is some dryness on the mainland. Across the Middle East light, seasonable, showers from Turkey to Iran.

20 May 2011

Africa Update #30: Acute Food Security Emergency in GHA

The biggest event going on in Africa the world, as far as meteorology and food security is concerned, is the second consecutive failed wet season in the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA). The impacts of this could develop into a famine, but at the least the situation has reached the "Emergency" stage. Elsewhere, rainfall is starting up well in the western Sahel, however closer to the GHA, Sahelian rains have been poor. In the north, dry weather continues in Libya, as moderate rainfall continues across Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

18 May 2011

Latin America Update #29: Heavy Rain in Northern South America

As seasonal conditions continue in Central America, the Caribbean and most of South America, the only area of significant interest is northern South America. Heavy rains poured down across central Colombia, Guyana, and Suriname. Heavy rainfall was also reported in Oaxaca state in Mexico.

16 May 2011

Asia Update #29: Rains continue to Slam China, back off in India

Rains continued to hammer drought hit southern China this week. Meanwhile in India, after what looked like a start to the rains in the northeast, ended up just being a preseason (heavy) shower. Isolated heavy rains hit southeast Asia, although nothing out of the ordinary is occurring there. Syria has entered the dry season as protests continue.

13 May 2011

Africa Update #29: Rainfall finally widespread in the GHA

Although this weeks rainfall requirements have been met in most of the the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA), this does nothing for past month and a half of deficits. In the west, rainfall is increasing, however, some of the more eastern areas are starting to show some dryness. Another wet week in Morocco, and in the south rainfall has just about shut off for the season.

10 May 2011

Asia Update #28: Rains return to China, India and Bangledesh

Substantial improvement in Bangladesh, nearby parts of India, along with southern, drought ravaged, China. Heavy rain pounded the central Philippines, as dry weather settled into Sumatra and Borneo. Meanwhile the Middle East, including Syria, has returned to seasonably dry weather.

09 May 2011

Latin America Update #28: A Short Break for Colombia

A desperately needed break in the rains has helped ease flooding concerns in Colombia, but this flooding event isn't over yet. After moderate rains last week in Central America, a well timed break. Good rains elsewhere in South America, including across the northeastern end of the continent, where rainfall was (and still is) badly needed.

06 May 2011

Africa Update #28: GHA Drought may be Expanding

Poor rainfall totals in the Greater Horn of Africa appear to be spreading westward into some parts of the eastern Sahel. Meanwhile, early season rainfall continues to look good across most of west Africa, although some areas could use an increase in precipitation. Precipitation is hanging on longer than usual across Namibia and Angola, but generally winding down in the south. Morocco has had very heavy rain for the last week, causing flooding, with seasonable conditions across the rest of northern Africa.

04 May 2011

Latin America Update #27: Rains Increase in C America, decrease in the far South

Rains have increased slightly over the past week in Central America. At the same time, precipitation has all but shut off in southern South America. Dry weather persisted in northeastern South America, as did the excessive rain, in flood ravaged Colombia.

02 May 2011

Asia Update #27: Flooding Downpours in Sumatra

Heavy rains slammed southern Sumatra in western Indonesia this past week. Elsewhere, drought persisted in southern China, and rainfall remains poor across Bangladesh and northeast India. Precipitation continued across much of the Middle East and Central Asia well past when it should have ended.

29 April 2011

Africa Update #27: On the Brink of Catastrophe in the East

Although there is more rain falling in eastern Africa than there has been all season long, some areas still haven't seen a drop. The rains are nearly two months late in a three month wet season. A clear Intertropical Convergence Zone has set itself up in west Africa, a good sign there. In the south the wet season continues to come to a close and is showing no signs of pulling out early. Rains are picking up in the north, including disrupting the conflict in Libya.

27 April 2011

Latin America Update #26: Rains Arrive in Central America Highlands

Early season rains pushed into Central America this past week. Flooding remain firmly entrenched in central Colombia. Northeastern South America remained dry, raising concerns after more than a month of poor rainfall. The Amazon River basin was also dry, but here the break is a respite from the heavy rains of the previous weeks. A front provided late season rains to the Rio de la Plata basin, as far north as Paraguay.

25 April 2011

Asia Update #26: Rains ease in SE Asia

Rains continue after the end of the season from the Black and Caspian Seas to the Hindu Kush. The monsoon is recovering from a slow start in south Asia. Meanwhile rains ease across the ASEAN countries and drought persists in southern China.

22 April 2011

Africa Update #26: Rains Spread in GHA, but not Enough

Rainfall has improved significantly in the Greater Horn of Africa, but not nearly enough to make up deficits from earlier in the season. Early season rainfall continues in west Africa as a late season front pushes through southern Africa.

20 April 2011

Latin America Update #25: Rainy Season May Start This Week in Central America

Rains are currently forecast to be heavy in Central America next week, this would be the start of the rains there. At the same time, precipitation is continuing to shut down for the dry season in southern parts of South America. Rainfall continues to be heavy across the northern Andes, causing some flooding.

19 April 2011

Asia Update #25: Drought Devastating Southern China

Southern China is continuing to face one of the worst droughts it has faced in recent history. Elsewhere, rainfall is slightly off in eastern Bangladesh and northeastern India, but not significantly so. In southeast Asia, rains have progressed northward across the mainland. Light rains continue to fall in parts of Central Asia, eastward to Turkey, after the typical end of the season.

15 April 2011

Africa Update #25: Improvement in the East, but little Hope

Despite some improved rainfall across the east, there is little reason to think that there will be vast season long improvement. This contrasts with west Africa, where early season rainfall has been more than sufficient. In the south, some isolated flooding remains problematic. There has been very little rainfall in Libya, so weather has been irrelevant in the conflict.

13 April 2011

Latin America Update #24: Rains Focused in the Amazon Basin and Northern Andes

Rainfall continues to be focused on northern South America, with southern areas drying out earlier than normal, dashing any remaining hopes of pulling out a reasonable harvest. Preseasonal showers continue to pick up in intensity in Central America and the Caribbean.

11 April 2011

Asia Update #24: Slow Start to the Indian Monsoon

There has been a slightly slow start to the Indian monsoon, although it is too early to tell if this will have a significant impact on the season. Southern China remains locked into a long term drought, as excessive rainfall continues to pound southeast Asia.

08 April 2011

Africa Update #24: Crisis Building in the East

Rainfall is completely insufficient in east Africa for the second consecutive growing season.  Meanwhile in the south the rains have continued to ease, as is seasonal for this time of year. In west Africa rainfall is picking up along the southern coast, including in turbulent Côte d'Ivoire.

06 April 2011

Latin America Update #23: Rains Pull North

The rains are pulling north faster than usual. That means that Panama was wetter than usual, and Argentina is drier. In between those extremes are Colombia and Venezuela, where the last week brought poor rains, while patches across Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil had unusually heavy rains.

04 April 2011

Asia Update #23: Yet More Heavy Rain in ASEAN

Heavy rainfall persisted across the ASEAN countries, and moderate rains extended northwards into Bangladesh. Most of the rest of the region was quite, with China far too quiet.

31 March 2011

Africa Update #23: Slow Start in the East

A slow start to the rains in East Africa is a growing concern, particularly in the countries that experienced the failure October - December rains. In the south, harvesting activities are now getting underway. Light showers may complicate the situation in Libya.

30 March 2011

Latin America Update #22: Not Much Happening

So, yeah not much happened. Yeah, it rained but nowhere was the rain extreme, and only in places that have had season-long dryness, was there any continuing dryness.

28 March 2011

Asia Update #22: Heavy rain across ASEAN

Heavy rain continues to pound almost all of the countries in southeast Asia. Rainfall is expected to continue in the northeastern corner of South Asia. Seasonable conditions in the Middle East and Central Asia, as drought continues unabated in China.

25 March 2011

Africa Update #22: Rains Shift to the North

Rainfall this week showed the first strong northward shift of the rains this season. This is the start of the end of the wet season across southern Africa as moisture moves towards the eastern parts of the continent. By early May the rains will have ended across southern Africa.

23 March 2011

Latin America Update #21: Flooding in Guyana

A second week of heavy rains in Guyana has triggered more flooding. Dry weather in Argentina and Brazil, as well as a mix of wet and dry conditions from Colombia down to Ecuador and Peru.

21 March 2011

Asia Update #21: Snow Melt continues in Afghanistan

Snow continues to melt in Afghanistan. Meanwhile temperatures are soaring across south Asia, and despite some relief, the drought in southern China continues. Not much unusual going on currently in either the Middle East or in Indonesia.

18 March 2011

Africa Update #21: Crisis Building in Zimbabwe

Most of southern Africa is expecting a bumper crop this year, except Zimbabwe and Mozambique, which are expecting widespread crop failures. Zimbabwe, however, is of much greater concern. Some locations in the region are contending with flooding due to the excessive rains.

New Storm forms in the South Indian

15 March 2011

Latin America Update #20

A fairly stable pattern has emerged across Brazil. Unfortunately that means areas that have been generally wet, will remain wet, and those that have been dry, will stay dry. There are a couple of exceptions, the most important being along the Colombian Pacific coast.

14 March 2011

Asia Update #20

Seasonably dry weather across most of the Middle East, Central and South Asia, except Turkey and the Caucasus, where some moderate precipitation fell. Snow melting continues to be a factor across the higher elevations of the region. Dry weather remains problematic across southern China, and seasonable conditions continue across much of Southeast Asia. Isolated flooding remains a risk on the Maritime Continent.

09 March 2011

Latin America Update #19

Heavy, flooding rains soaked southern parts of Brazil during the last week, as a ribbon of little to no rainfall stretched through central parts of South America. Drought remains firmly entrenched in central-western Colombia and poor rains have settled in across Ecuador.

08 March 2011

Asia Update #19

Some benefital rainfall pushed into parts of southern China, as relief came to Sumatra. Heavy rains triggered yet another round of flooding in the Philippines, and the big melt has begun in central Asia with a rain on snow event.

04 March 2011

Africa Update #19

Some improvement across southern Africa, but many areas remain dangerously dry.

01 March 2011

Latin America Update #18

The end of the wet season continues to come together nicely across most of South America. Concerns remain over western Colombia, and some of the dry spells that occurred across parts of northern Argentina, and southern Brazil.

27 February 2011

Asia Update #18

Rainfall continues to play no role in the Middle East protests. Light rain showers fell across the east coast of India. Unusual dryness has set in across much of the larger Indonesian islands and southern China.

25 February 2011

Africa Update #18

The 'rain hole' in southern Africa remained in place, as a ridge remains firmly in place across southern Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Most of the rest of the region continues to have above average rainfall, causing intermittent flooding. If the ridge does not break down soon, crops will fail across a large swath of southern Africa. Weather may hamper ongoing protests in north Africa, and the next wet season is off to a good start in east Africa.

22 February 2011

Latin America Update #17

A mixed, but generally OK month in South America. The excessive flooding and drought both came to a close and a reasonably typical February has progressed.

21 February 2011

Asia Update #17

An overall good week in Asia, sufficient moisture in the Middle East, an easing of rain across Sri Lanka (though still too much), beneficial rains in some of southern China and a general easing of precipitation across southeast Asia.

18 February 2011

Africa Update #17

Bingiza slammed into Madagascar this weekend causing significant flooding and damage to the northeastern portion of the island. Meanwhile on the mainland there has been a month of dry weather, in some areas. This may be putting crops at risk during a year when flooding should be more of a concern.

15 February 2011

11 February 2011

Asia Update #16

Wet weather pushes through the Middle East, snow depths continue to grow across Central Asia. In China and the Koreas, a cold dry winter persists, and in southeast Asia, a more moderate week of rains.

Africa Update #16

Dry weather (yes, you read that right) pushes into parts of southern Africa, as the Belg rains are slow to start in Ethiopia.

08 February 2011

Latin America Update #15

Dry weather pushes back into Argentina and Uruguay at the same time that moderate rains returned to the areas of Brazil that experienced flooding a few weeks ago. Those moderate rains reach back across parts of Paraguay, Bolivia and eastern Peru. Big changes are on the way in Colombia, as the weeks of dryness come to a close and most of the continent prepares to get soaked.

07 February 2011

Asia Update #15

Heavy rains cause flooding in southern Iran, as rainfall stays steady across the rest of the Middle East. Dry weather continues across southern China. Sri Lanka returned to its excessively wet pattern as another round of isolated flooding hits southeast Asia.

04 February 2011

Africa Update #15

A slight break from the excessive moisture across some areas of southern Africa during the last week. Madagascar, however had extremely heavy rain. As protests continue in the north, dry but cool weather remains firmly in place, as is seasonal. Some snow has accumulated in Morocco over the last week.

02 February 2011

Latin America Update #14

Dryness continues to allow southern states of Brazil to dry out. At the same time, dryness is becoming concerning in western Colombia. Dry weather also continued to be an issue in Paraguay and Bolivia. Where was all of the rain? Peru, along the Amazon River in Brazil, and in Argentina.

31 January 2011

Asia Update #14

Wet weather returns to Turkey, where it is welcome, and Sri Lanka, where a longer dry period would have been much better. Heavy rains across southeast Asia continue to cause localized flooding and landslides. Heavy snow is likely in the higher elevations of the Middle East and points eastward towards Pakistan and India.

28 January 2011

Africa Update #14

Flooding continues to plague southern Africa. Torrential rains common with La Nina continue to make for treacherous conditions in every country on the southern end of the continent. In the north, cool temperatures have persisted as protests in many north African countries continues. High elevation snow is likely in Morocco and Algeria during the next week.

26 January 2011

Tunisia and Egypt, why now?

Latin America Update #13

While the death toll from the flooding in Brazil continues to climb, the rate has slowed. Right now the tally looks to be around 850 people. Heavy rains continued in parts of Brazil, while some areas did dry out. Heavy rains were also reported in Bolivia and Paraguay. Dryness in Colombia, Argentina continues.

23 January 2011

Asia Update #13

In Asia this week, relief has arrived. In the Middle East, sufficient rainfall in most areas over the last week. Sri Lanka, meanwhile, had a desperately needed dry spell. However the wet weather has continued in southeast Asia as very heavy rainfall slammed central Sumatra and the windward (eastern) side of the Philippines.

20 January 2011

Africa Update #13

There is only one way to describe what is currently going on in southern Africa right now: widespread flooding, encompassing parts every county in the region.

19 January 2011

Earthquake Rocks Pakistan, Afghanistan

Latin America Update #12

Flooding has continued in Brazil, and the forecast for the coming week shows that flooding could continue. New flooding may cause localized problems in Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay. Colombia has had another dry week, which is welcome, but will soon need more rainfall for substance farmers living in the west of the country. Meanwhile, Argentina remains slightly dry, but is still having a marginal season.

17 January 2011

Asia Update #12

Flooding in Sri Lanka continues to be the number one problem in Asia. Elsewhere, drier than average weather has returned to Turkey, but not the rest of the Middle East, and snow pack continues to look good across Iran and Afghanistan.  In China, moisture deficits have been observed in the greater Shanghai area. In southeast Asia, Borneo and the Philippines have once again been soaked to the point of flooding, while southern Sumatra and nearby parts of Java (including Jakarta) have been dry.

14 January 2011

Sri Lanka Crisis Expands

Africa Update #12

Last week, I mentioned that additional moisture was needed over northern Mozambique and Madagascar.  I would now like to be more specific, a little more rain is needed. Heavy rain soak most of southeastern Africa during the last seven days.  Excessive moisture in the Zambezi basin is continuing to raise the flow into the system of hydroelectric dams in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Several have already been opened and the rest will likely be opened up in the next few days. Rainfall continued over Botswana and the Maize Triangle, but at a more moderate rate. Isolated flooding incidents, some are severe, are occurring over most of southern Africa.

12 January 2011

Latin America Update #11

Things have calmed down a lot this week in South America. Heavy rains shifted again, this time targeting Amazonas state and nearby parts of Colombia. Dry periods, overall, on the continent are being balanced by wet periods, expect in Colombia which still has way to much moisture, and northern Argentina, which really could use some more rain.

09 January 2011

Asia Update #11

The Middle East had a near normal precipitation pattern for the first time all season. At the same time, southeast Asia continues to settle into a generally wet season, except western parts of Indonesia. Heavy rains and flooding continue to be a major problem in eastern Sri Lanka. Cold temperatures are backing off in India, but may return to east Asia.

Weather Forecast Independence Referendum in Sudan

Here is the DevWx weather forecast for the coming week across southern Sudan. Hot, dry weather is expected. Nothing unusual in this weather for this time of year in Sudan. Not a drop of water all week (it is the dry season after all) and daytime highs in the over 35oC, or 95oF. There is the possibility that in the far southeastern corner of Sudan, near the Kenya border, that temperatures will break 40oC, or 105oF. Overnight lows near 15oC, or 60oF. It won't dip below 20oC, or 68oF, in the eastern part of southern Sudan. In other words, weather will not be a factor in the independence referendum.

07 January 2011

Africa Update #11

The tap turned on this week over most of southern Africa. Flood has been reported in several southern Africa countries, however there are a couple of areas that remain dry.

05 January 2011

Latin America Update #10

Colombia got a much needed break during the past week as the dipole I spoke about in the last Latin America Update has repositioned itself, dumping heavy rains into eastern and central Brazil. Some relief from the dryness has arrive in parts of Paraguay.  The drought relief is not widespread, as only some areas of Bolivia, and Argentina received sufficient rainfall.

02 January 2011

Asia Update #10

More heavy rains and flooding have slammed through Sri Lanka during the last week.  Meanwhile a struggle to get sufficient water into the Middle East has persisted. In southeast Asia, the mixed bag of above normal and below normal rainfall has continued. Cold temperatures remain firmly in place across China, North Korea and India.