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27 May 2011

Songda now moving past Luzon, Storm Track Shifts East

Super Typhoon Songda has continues to move past the Philippines, currently the typhoon is northeast of Luzon, with storm precipitation totals approaching the 2 in (50 mm) mark across the island. Forecasts continue to show the storm making its way northward towards Japan, but recent model runs are taking the storm on a more eastward track, further away from Taiwan. Nagasaki, and the smaller Japanese islands south of the four main islands remain highly vulnerable to Songda. Wind speeds remain very high and it is unlikely that they will drop significantly over the next 24 hours. Rough surf can be expected along the Taiwanese, Chinese, Japanese and Filipino coasts for the next several days. Heavy rains and wind are likely across Luzon for the next 24 hours, and across Taiwan this weekend.

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