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Weekly Updates: Africa | Asia | Latin America

31 March 2011

Africa Update #23: Slow Start in the East

A slow start to the rains in East Africa is a growing concern, particularly in the countries that experienced the failure October - December rains. In the south, harvesting activities are now getting underway. Light showers may complicate the situation in Libya.

30 March 2011

Latin America Update #22: Not Much Happening

So, yeah not much happened. Yeah, it rained but nowhere was the rain extreme, and only in places that have had season-long dryness, was there any continuing dryness.

28 March 2011

Asia Update #22: Heavy rain across ASEAN

Heavy rain continues to pound almost all of the countries in southeast Asia. Rainfall is expected to continue in the northeastern corner of South Asia. Seasonable conditions in the Middle East and Central Asia, as drought continues unabated in China.

25 March 2011

Africa Update #22: Rains Shift to the North

Rainfall this week showed the first strong northward shift of the rains this season. This is the start of the end of the wet season across southern Africa as moisture moves towards the eastern parts of the continent. By early May the rains will have ended across southern Africa.

23 March 2011

Latin America Update #21: Flooding in Guyana

A second week of heavy rains in Guyana has triggered more flooding. Dry weather in Argentina and Brazil, as well as a mix of wet and dry conditions from Colombia down to Ecuador and Peru.

21 March 2011

Asia Update #21: Snow Melt continues in Afghanistan

Snow continues to melt in Afghanistan. Meanwhile temperatures are soaring across south Asia, and despite some relief, the drought in southern China continues. Not much unusual going on currently in either the Middle East or in Indonesia.

18 March 2011

Africa Update #21: Crisis Building in Zimbabwe

Most of southern Africa is expecting a bumper crop this year, except Zimbabwe and Mozambique, which are expecting widespread crop failures. Zimbabwe, however, is of much greater concern. Some locations in the region are contending with flooding due to the excessive rains.

New Storm forms in the South Indian

15 March 2011

Latin America Update #20

A fairly stable pattern has emerged across Brazil. Unfortunately that means areas that have been generally wet, will remain wet, and those that have been dry, will stay dry. There are a couple of exceptions, the most important being along the Colombian Pacific coast.

14 March 2011

Asia Update #20

Seasonably dry weather across most of the Middle East, Central and South Asia, except Turkey and the Caucasus, where some moderate precipitation fell. Snow melting continues to be a factor across the higher elevations of the region. Dry weather remains problematic across southern China, and seasonable conditions continue across much of Southeast Asia. Isolated flooding remains a risk on the Maritime Continent.

09 March 2011

Latin America Update #19

Heavy, flooding rains soaked southern parts of Brazil during the last week, as a ribbon of little to no rainfall stretched through central parts of South America. Drought remains firmly entrenched in central-western Colombia and poor rains have settled in across Ecuador.

08 March 2011

Asia Update #19

Some benefital rainfall pushed into parts of southern China, as relief came to Sumatra. Heavy rains triggered yet another round of flooding in the Philippines, and the big melt has begun in central Asia with a rain on snow event.

04 March 2011

Africa Update #19

Some improvement across southern Africa, but many areas remain dangerously dry.

01 March 2011

Latin America Update #18

The end of the wet season continues to come together nicely across most of South America. Concerns remain over western Colombia, and some of the dry spells that occurred across parts of northern Argentina, and southern Brazil.