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04 March 2011

Africa Update #19

Some improvement across southern Africa, but many areas remain dangerously dry.
No drastic changes, for better or worse, so lets first go with areas that had to much rain last week. Flooding is likely across much of Madagascar, particularly in the south. These are the same areas that delt with a cyclone just a matter of two weeks ago. Southern Angola and northern Namibia also had heavy rain, causing localized flooding and damage to infrastructure. So far I have not seen any reports of fatalities.

Reasonable rainfall persisted across many areas of South Africa, however there is still not enough moisture in the critical Maize Triangle. The other main breadbasket of the south, the Caprivi strip, has maintained good rainfall this season. Moisture returned to northern Zimbabwe, which is good news, but southern Zimbabwe and much of Mozambique remain parched. Southern Malawi also has done poorly this season. Drought in this area may very well result in a failed crop, and thus food security.

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