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31 January 2011

Asia Update #14

Wet weather returns to Turkey, where it is welcome, and Sri Lanka, where a longer dry period would have been much better. Heavy rains across southeast Asia continue to cause localized flooding and landslides. Heavy snow is likely in the higher elevations of the Middle East and points eastward towards Pakistan and India.

28 January 2011

Africa Update #14

Flooding continues to plague southern Africa. Torrential rains common with La Nina continue to make for treacherous conditions in every country on the southern end of the continent. In the north, cool temperatures have persisted as protests in many north African countries continues. High elevation snow is likely in Morocco and Algeria during the next week.

26 January 2011

Tunisia and Egypt, why now?

Latin America Update #13

While the death toll from the flooding in Brazil continues to climb, the rate has slowed. Right now the tally looks to be around 850 people. Heavy rains continued in parts of Brazil, while some areas did dry out. Heavy rains were also reported in Bolivia and Paraguay. Dryness in Colombia, Argentina continues.

23 January 2011

Asia Update #13

In Asia this week, relief has arrived. In the Middle East, sufficient rainfall in most areas over the last week. Sri Lanka, meanwhile, had a desperately needed dry spell. However the wet weather has continued in southeast Asia as very heavy rainfall slammed central Sumatra and the windward (eastern) side of the Philippines.

20 January 2011

Africa Update #13

There is only one way to describe what is currently going on in southern Africa right now: widespread flooding, encompassing parts every county in the region.

19 January 2011

Earthquake Rocks Pakistan, Afghanistan

Latin America Update #12

Flooding has continued in Brazil, and the forecast for the coming week shows that flooding could continue. New flooding may cause localized problems in Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay. Colombia has had another dry week, which is welcome, but will soon need more rainfall for substance farmers living in the west of the country. Meanwhile, Argentina remains slightly dry, but is still having a marginal season.

17 January 2011

Asia Update #12

Flooding in Sri Lanka continues to be the number one problem in Asia. Elsewhere, drier than average weather has returned to Turkey, but not the rest of the Middle East, and snow pack continues to look good across Iran and Afghanistan.  In China, moisture deficits have been observed in the greater Shanghai area. In southeast Asia, Borneo and the Philippines have once again been soaked to the point of flooding, while southern Sumatra and nearby parts of Java (including Jakarta) have been dry.

14 January 2011

Sri Lanka Crisis Expands

Africa Update #12

Last week, I mentioned that additional moisture was needed over northern Mozambique and Madagascar.  I would now like to be more specific, a little more rain is needed. Heavy rain soak most of southeastern Africa during the last seven days.  Excessive moisture in the Zambezi basin is continuing to raise the flow into the system of hydroelectric dams in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. Several have already been opened and the rest will likely be opened up in the next few days. Rainfall continued over Botswana and the Maize Triangle, but at a more moderate rate. Isolated flooding incidents, some are severe, are occurring over most of southern Africa.

12 January 2011

Latin America Update #11

Things have calmed down a lot this week in South America. Heavy rains shifted again, this time targeting Amazonas state and nearby parts of Colombia. Dry periods, overall, on the continent are being balanced by wet periods, expect in Colombia which still has way to much moisture, and northern Argentina, which really could use some more rain.

09 January 2011

Asia Update #11

The Middle East had a near normal precipitation pattern for the first time all season. At the same time, southeast Asia continues to settle into a generally wet season, except western parts of Indonesia. Heavy rains and flooding continue to be a major problem in eastern Sri Lanka. Cold temperatures are backing off in India, but may return to east Asia.

Weather Forecast Independence Referendum in Sudan

Here is the DevWx weather forecast for the coming week across southern Sudan. Hot, dry weather is expected. Nothing unusual in this weather for this time of year in Sudan. Not a drop of water all week (it is the dry season after all) and daytime highs in the over 35oC, or 95oF. There is the possibility that in the far southeastern corner of Sudan, near the Kenya border, that temperatures will break 40oC, or 105oF. Overnight lows near 15oC, or 60oF. It won't dip below 20oC, or 68oF, in the eastern part of southern Sudan. In other words, weather will not be a factor in the independence referendum.

07 January 2011

Africa Update #11

The tap turned on this week over most of southern Africa. Flood has been reported in several southern Africa countries, however there are a couple of areas that remain dry.

05 January 2011

Latin America Update #10

Colombia got a much needed break during the past week as the dipole I spoke about in the last Latin America Update has repositioned itself, dumping heavy rains into eastern and central Brazil. Some relief from the dryness has arrive in parts of Paraguay.  The drought relief is not widespread, as only some areas of Bolivia, and Argentina received sufficient rainfall.

02 January 2011

Asia Update #10

More heavy rains and flooding have slammed through Sri Lanka during the last week.  Meanwhile a struggle to get sufficient water into the Middle East has persisted. In southeast Asia, the mixed bag of above normal and below normal rainfall has continued. Cold temperatures remain firmly in place across China, North Korea and India.