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30 May 2011

Asia Update #31: Monsoon Better in Some parts of South Asia

Precipitation has improved somewhat in South Asia and China, but moisture conditions are far from ideal, and northeast India and adjacent areas of China and Burma have had no significant relief. The Philippines had a close encounter with Super Typhoon Songda. In the Middle East, seasonal dryness continues amid ongoing civil unrest.

27 May 2011

Songda now moving past Luzon, Storm Track Shifts East

Africa Update #31: Rains start Pulling out of GHA, insuffient in West

Northeast Kenya never received rain, and most of the rest of the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA) are not fairing much better. Meanwhile in west Africa, eastern parts of the Sahel and Gulf of Guinea have been deteriorating since the  wet season began. In north Africa, moderate rainfall may be complicating the NATO mission and the civil war in Libya, as seasonal rains continue in other parts of the Maghreb.

25 May 2011

Latin America Update #30: Rains End in Southern Brazil

The rains have come to an end in southern Brazil, and no region south of roughly the Amazon River has received significant rainfall. Ok, so that isn't entirely true. Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay have entered their "mid-latitude season". Rains have started up a bit slow in Central America. Meanwhile the Caribbean islands continue to receive preseasonal showers.

23 May 2011

Asia Update #30: Is Drought Moving into Northeast India?

It has been very dry so far this season in northeast India. Improvement over the last couple of weeks in Bangladesh and points west has kept this area on track for the start of the growing season. The rains in southern China take a break, reminding us that the drought there is far from resolved. Seasonable weather continued in southeast Asia, although there is some dryness on the mainland. Across the Middle East light, seasonable, showers from Turkey to Iran.

20 May 2011

Africa Update #30: Acute Food Security Emergency in GHA

The biggest event going on in Africa the world, as far as meteorology and food security is concerned, is the second consecutive failed wet season in the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA). The impacts of this could develop into a famine, but at the least the situation has reached the "Emergency" stage. Elsewhere, rainfall is starting up well in the western Sahel, however closer to the GHA, Sahelian rains have been poor. In the north, dry weather continues in Libya, as moderate rainfall continues across Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

18 May 2011

Latin America Update #29: Heavy Rain in Northern South America

As seasonal conditions continue in Central America, the Caribbean and most of South America, the only area of significant interest is northern South America. Heavy rains poured down across central Colombia, Guyana, and Suriname. Heavy rainfall was also reported in Oaxaca state in Mexico.

16 May 2011

Asia Update #29: Rains continue to Slam China, back off in India

Rains continued to hammer drought hit southern China this week. Meanwhile in India, after what looked like a start to the rains in the northeast, ended up just being a preseason (heavy) shower. Isolated heavy rains hit southeast Asia, although nothing out of the ordinary is occurring there. Syria has entered the dry season as protests continue.

13 May 2011

Africa Update #29: Rainfall finally widespread in the GHA

Although this weeks rainfall requirements have been met in most of the the Greater Horn of Africa (GHA), this does nothing for past month and a half of deficits. In the west, rainfall is increasing, however, some of the more eastern areas are starting to show some dryness. Another wet week in Morocco, and in the south rainfall has just about shut off for the season.

10 May 2011

Asia Update #28: Rains return to China, India and Bangledesh

Substantial improvement in Bangladesh, nearby parts of India, along with southern, drought ravaged, China. Heavy rain pounded the central Philippines, as dry weather settled into Sumatra and Borneo. Meanwhile the Middle East, including Syria, has returned to seasonably dry weather.

09 May 2011

Latin America Update #28: A Short Break for Colombia

A desperately needed break in the rains has helped ease flooding concerns in Colombia, but this flooding event isn't over yet. After moderate rains last week in Central America, a well timed break. Good rains elsewhere in South America, including across the northeastern end of the continent, where rainfall was (and still is) badly needed.

06 May 2011

Africa Update #28: GHA Drought may be Expanding

Poor rainfall totals in the Greater Horn of Africa appear to be spreading westward into some parts of the eastern Sahel. Meanwhile, early season rainfall continues to look good across most of west Africa, although some areas could use an increase in precipitation. Precipitation is hanging on longer than usual across Namibia and Angola, but generally winding down in the south. Morocco has had very heavy rain for the last week, causing flooding, with seasonable conditions across the rest of northern Africa.

04 May 2011

Latin America Update #27: Rains Increase in C America, decrease in the far South

Rains have increased slightly over the past week in Central America. At the same time, precipitation has all but shut off in southern South America. Dry weather persisted in northeastern South America, as did the excessive rain, in flood ravaged Colombia.

02 May 2011

Asia Update #27: Flooding Downpours in Sumatra

Heavy rains slammed southern Sumatra in western Indonesia this past week. Elsewhere, drought persisted in southern China, and rainfall remains poor across Bangladesh and northeast India. Precipitation continued across much of the Middle East and Central Asia well past when it should have ended.