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30 August 2011

Nanmadol soaks Taiwan, heading for China

Latin America Update #44: Canicula Overwith in Central America

The mid-summer easing of the rains, better known as the Canicula, has passed in Central America. Hispaniola, and nearby islands, continue to clean-up after Hurricane Irene passed them. Venezuela is either having a major flooding event, or major problems with its rain gauges, I'm going with the latter. Precipitation continues to be plentiful in the Pampas along the Rio de la Plata.

29 August 2011

Asia Update #44: Drought relief on the way for southern China

Typhoon Nanmodal, now weakened, may provide some drought relief for coastal sections of southern China. Taiwan and the Philippines, however have taken the brunt of the storm. South and southeast Asia continue to see better rainfall totals and better rainfall distribution. Seasonably dry weather continues in the Middle East.

Typhoon Nanmadol closes in on Taiwan

25 August 2011

Africa Update #44: Improvement over the Sahel, Rains Faulter near Gulf of Guinea

Improved moisture has all but eliminated precipitation deficits in Niger and Chad, although concerns still linger about dryness in North and South Sudan. Precipitation has almost shut off across some Gulf of Guinea countries and ground moisture remains anomalously low across Nigeria. In the east, precipitation remains steady over Ethiopia. Seasonable hot and dry weather continues in Libya.

Irene Stengthening, Moving Slowly Through the Bahamas

24 August 2011

Irene continues to rip up Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas

Latin America Update #43: Two tropical systems impact the Caribbean Basin

Harvey and Irene smashed through Central America and Caribbean islands. Meanwhile moisture improves across northern South America, and in the south of the continent, seasonable rainfall continues across the Rio de la Plata basin in the Pampas.

22 August 2011

Irene Shifts northward, Hispaniola Still at Risk

Asia Update #43: Much of Asia Coming into Balance

Moisture deficits are falling across most of Asia, with the exception of southern China. South and southeast Asia continue to get pounded with rainfall, and that is likely to continue. The area around the Yellow Sea in both China and both Koreas has seen greatly improved rainfall. Next week should be very wet across most of Asia.

21 August 2011

Irene heading for Lesser Antilles, Hispaniola

Tropical Storm Irene formed late yesterday just east of the Lesser Antilles. The storm is expected to pass through the Leeward Islands on its way towards the southern coast of the Dominican Republic. Irene may be a weak hurricane by then, and does have the potential to make landfall near Santo Domingo. From there Irene will continue westward over Haiti, possibly making landfall on Cuba. From there the storm will turn northward, possibly threatening the city of Miami in the United States. It is still early in Irene's development and this trajectory could change significantly. However, Santo Domingo, and all of Hispaniola are currently the most likely place to take the full brunt of the storm.

18 August 2011

Africa Update #43: Excessive Rainfall Around Lake Chad Causes Flooding

Heavy rainfall slammed the greater Lake Chad area affecting Chad, Niger, Nigeria and Cameroon. Positive rainfall anomalies were reported from parts of every country from North Sudan to Senegal, though season long deficits and inconsistency remain overriding problems for Africa. A drier than normal mid-summer break in the rains along the Gulf of Guinea coast.

16 August 2011

Latin America Update #42: Moisture exits northern South America

Northern South America once again dried out as near normal conditions continued across the Caribbean, Central America and the Rio de la Plata basin.

15 August 2011

Asia Update #42: Relief in Bangladesh, northeast India

Moisture improved last week across Bangladesh and northeast India as  moderate to heavy rains pounded the area. Those rains extended southward into Burma. The rest of southeast Asia had seasonable precipitation as coastal parts of China had positive rainfall anomalies. Seasonal dryness continues across most of the Middle East

12 August 2011

Africa Update #42: Deficits growing, and spreading, in west Africa

Rainfall deficits have spent the last week growing and spreading in west and central Africa. Precipitation is now only at or above normal in Mali, Burkina Faso and parts of the Central African Republic. Just about every other country is facing deficits to one degree or another. In Ethiopia, although moisture isn't quite meeting climatology, rainfall has been consistent all season long.

09 August 2011

Latin America Update #41: Improvement in Venezuela

Rainfall has improved significantly over most of Venezuela, however, areas along the border with Brazil could use additional rainfall. Moisture keeps steady across the Rio de la Plata basin, allowing the region to stay on track for a good winter harvest. Central America is now approaching (or at) the Canicula, while Mexico is seeing some easing of its drought south of Mexico City.

08 August 2011

Asia Update #41: Muifa Heading towards China/North Korea border

Muifa continues to weaken, and is now targeting landfall somewhere near the border near the border of China and North Korea. It may graze western parts of South Korea on the way there. Elsewhere, rainfall continues to look good across most of south and southeast Asia as the Middle East remains seasonably dry.

05 August 2011

Africa Update #41: Rain Still Insuffiecent in much of the Sahel

From Niger and Niger eastward to North and South Sudan, moisture continues to be erratic and insufficient. In the east, The Gambia and Sengal are also struggling to receive enough moisture, and that dryness extends southward along the coast. Heavy precipitation over the Central African Republic is the exception to this dry trend. Here flooding, especially in low lying areas is likely. The Ethiopian highlands continue to receive steady rainfall.

03 August 2011

Latin America Update #40: Rainfall Improves over N. South America, Primera Season Near Normal

Moisture has improved across much of northern South America- with the huge exception of Venezuela. In Central America, rainfall has been near normal for the Primera season, which will be wrapping up in the next few weeks. Tropical Storm Emily is preparing to make landfall in the Dominican Republic, and yet another front has brought plenty of rain across the Rio de la Plata basin.

01 August 2011

Asia Update #40: Nock-Ten soaks southeast Asia

Nock-Ten ran up the east side of the Philippines, before running over Luzon, clipping China, and finally hitting Vietnam and Laos, before dissipating. Meanwhile, another storm, Muifa, is heading northward in the Pacific and may pose a threat to China, the Koreas and Japan later this week. Season-long rainfall remains near normal across most of India. In the Middle East, seasonal dryness continues.