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24 August 2011

Irene continues to rip up Turks & Caicos, the Bahamas

Hurricane Irene has maintained moderate strength, with winds approaching 110 mph (176 km/h). The storm is now making its way out of the Turks & Caicos and into the southern Bahamas. Very little has changed since our last update, although the track has shifted slightly to the east. The two island chains are currently experiencing high wind, heavy rain, and rough surf. This will cause large scale damage to infrastructure, significant beach erosion and unfortunately will cause fatalities. Some islands may briefly become entirely submerged as a result of the storm surge. After exiting the Bahamas, Hurricane Irene will likely clip the Outer Banks and other coastal areas of the Mid-Atlantic, before landfall in New England. This storm is still gaining strength and could peak with winds over 120 mph ( 190 km/h).

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