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23 August 2011

Irene to miss Hispaniola, slam Turks and Caicos along with the Bahamas

Hurricane Irene is now expected to miss both Haiti and the Dominican Republic. Instead, the storm will move through the Turks and Caicos, along with the Bahamas. Wind speeds are now approaching that of a moderate Hurricane, and it will move through the islands as a very powerful storm. Damage to infrastructure, flooding and fatalities are very likely here. On Hispaniola, which is now expected to get a passing blow, heavy rains and rough surf is probably the extent to which Haiti and the Dominican Republic will be hit; with the Dominican Republic taking the brunt of the storm.

After clearing the islands, the storm is likely to brush the United States state of Florida, before making landfall in either North or South Carolina state. Hurricane Irene will likely still be very strong at that time.

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