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15 August 2011

Asia Update #42: Relief in Bangladesh, northeast India

Moisture improved last week across Bangladesh and northeast India as  moderate to heavy rains pounded the area. Those rains extended southward into Burma. The rest of southeast Asia had seasonable precipitation as coastal parts of China had positive rainfall anomalies. Seasonal dryness continues across most of the Middle East
Precipitation across India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan has corrected itself as much as one can expect. Meanwhile Burma has also seen significant improvements over the last several weeks. Orissa, eastern Gujarat, the small states north of Delhi and the smaller states in northeast, along with adjacent parts of both Burma and Bangladesh still are facing significant deficits. It is unlikely that these deficits will be entirely erased but at the same time it is also unlikely that the deficits will spike as the south Asian monsoon is now less than one month away from its peak.

Further to the southeast, rainfall has been seasonable from Thailand to Vietnam and out over Indonesia. No unusually heavy downpours, nor unusually low precipitation totals. Meanwhile in China, rainfall has been unusually heavy along the coast, including eastern parts of southern China, where rainfall is still needed to break the drought. Interior areas of southern China were not as fortunate with dry weather remaining firmly in place from Tibet eastward south of the Yangtze River.

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