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20 August 2011

Tropical Storm Harvey threatens Honduras, Belize

Tropical Storm Harvey just formed in the Caribbean Sea. The storm will not strengthen significantly, but is very likely to make landfall within the next 24 hours in central Belize, after running along the northern coast of Honduras. The storm is rather weak, and although it is possible that Harvey will reach hurricane strength, it is unlikely. The storm will pass near Belize City, probably missing the city to the north. After crossing Belize, Harvey may hold together long enough to cross Petén department in Guatemala after which it would cross into Mexico, most likely Chiapas and Tabasco states. Any moisture that arrives in these areas would be welcome as most of Mexico is still trying to pull its way out of a drought. The Petén department is very sparsely populated, and no severe weather expected there anyway. Thus Belize will be taking the brunt of this storm. Damage will consist primarily of beach erosion, although even that is not likely to be significant given how weak Tropical Storm Harvey.

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