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29 August 2011

Asia Update #44: Drought relief on the way for southern China

Typhoon Nanmodal, now weakened, may provide some drought relief for coastal sections of southern China. Taiwan and the Philippines, however have taken the brunt of the storm. South and southeast Asia continue to see better rainfall totals and better rainfall distribution. Seasonably dry weather continues in the Middle East.
Typhoon Nanmodal slammed into the Philippines, causing flooding and storm surge problems across Luzon. As of now 10 people are reported dead, but that number could rise. Manila seems  to have been largely spared. Nanmodal is now approaching Taiwan, and the storms remnants will likely cross the straits into mainland China, where rainfall is desperately needed. That makes Nanmadal a welcomed visitor in mainland China.

Moisture has continued to be plentiful across Burma and Thailand. There have also been notable improvements across parts of Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia. These areas are generally reliant on (preferably) weak typhoons coming in from the east. Those have not been common at all this season. Unusual inflow of moisture from the west has held off any drought.

Another place where moisture is being welcomed, is India, Nepal and Bangladesh, where rainfall has brought most of south Asia close to the normal range. Heavy precipitation, this past week, stretched from Konkan & Goa  east towards Orissa. With rainfall close to normal across almost all of the subcontinent, the harvest has a very good chance of being near normal across most of the region.

Seasonably dry weather continues across the Middle East, although typical showers along the Black and Caspian Seas, have been slightly heavier than normal. This likely will have no significant impact on Iran or Turkey.

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