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29 June 2011

Latin America Update #35: Rainfall Looking good in Central America, Caribbean

Rainfall is improving, and coming close to normal everywhere in Central America, except far northern Guatemala, and the Atlantic coast of Costa Rica. The Caribbean islands have also been having a good season. Most of Mexico has been struggling with rainfall, severely in the northeast and in the Yucatan. In South America, poor rainfall continues in central Chile and a dry week in inland parts of Venezuela.

27 June 2011

Asia Update #35: Precipitation Improving Across Asia

It is rare that I can make such a blanket statement about the whole continent, but with few exceptions, most of the areas that are growing crops have seen an improvement in rain. The Koreas and northeast China are getting rain from a very weak tropical storm, Meari. In south and southeast Asia, rainfall has also ticked upward in most areas.

26 June 2011

Meari brushes by Shandong Province of China

A weakening and poorly organized Meari has brushed past Shandong province of China, and is now making its way towards the China-North Korea border. The system is not really packing much of a punch. Rains are only moderate, with a few isolated exceptions, and wind speeds are dropping, currently at 40 mph or 64 km/h. The system is rapidly falling apart and will likely dissipate when it reaches land during the next 24 hours, somewhere in either North Korea or in China's Liaoning province. The storm poses no significant threat, even to infrustructure poor North Korea. What rainfall is left, may help ease the dry-spell in northeastern China and along the Korean Peninsula. Unless something unexpected happens this will be the final update on Meari. 

24 June 2011

Meari forms east of the Philippines, aiming for Korea

Africa Update #35: Relief arrives in Chad

Rainfall surged into Chad, bringing some parts of the country, particularly the marginal areas, into positive rainfall totals for the season. Dryness, however, remains a problem in Chad, and nearby countries. Rains continue in Ethiopia, as the country is on track for a reasonable season. Far west Africa is also having an average wet season, although the rains have been slightly slow moving into Senegal. Precipitation continues in Morocco and Algeria, with trying further east.

22 June 2011

Latin America Update #34: Beatriz grazes southwest Mexico

Beatriz, brought strong winds, and heavy rains to parts of the Pacific coast of Mexico this past week, but much of the country remains dry. Central America is doing well, with the exception of Guatemala, and nearby areas of Honduras and El Salvador. In South America, a dry week in Venezuela, southern Brazil, and southern Chile, but moderate rainfall elsewhere.

20 June 2011

Asia Update #34: Major Flooding in Drought Ravaged China

Even though long term moisture deficits remain, catastrophic flooding has occurred across a wide swath of southern China, including along the Yangtze River. In South Asia, the front range of the Himalayas have reported some rain. However, much of northeastern and eastern India along with Bhutan, Bangladesh and Burma remain parched. Precipitation has also been suppressed in southeast Asia. Recently rains have arrived in parts of Cambodia and Vietnam.

Beatriz heading for Mexico.

16 June 2011

Africa Update #34: Rains Continuing to Fail in Chad

Precipitation has been terrible in Chad, and nearby areas of surrounding countries, mainly Sudan and Central African Republic. Light rains this past week in far western Africa have provided some opportunity for field work, while rainfall continues to improve across Ethiopia. The active pattern in northern Africa continues to bring rain to the Maghreb.

15 June 2011

Latin America Update #33: Moisture Improving, Deficits remain in CA

Rainfall deficits remain in Central America, but they are shrinking. Meanwhile, precipitation has slacked off across all of northern South America from Colombia to French Guiana. Moisture has improved significantly in southern South America, from Chile to Brazil.

13 June 2011

Asia Update #33: Drought Hammered in China, Resliant in India, Bangladesh

Drought in China was eased in parts of the south as a result of Sarika, a week tropical storm system that made landfall this past week. Poor rainfall is a growing concern in southern parts of the Mekong River basin. In Bangladesh and northeast India, drought remains a distinct possibility. Seasonal dryness persists in the turbulent countries of the Middle East.

10 June 2011

Weak Sarika to Hit China, Hurricane Adrian to Stay at Sea

Africa Update #33: Dry Corridor Developing in West Africa

A swath of Africa, centered on Chad has been dry all season long. Ethiopia's long season is progressing well, especially in the north around Lake Tana. Meanwhile northern Africa continues a good growing season with sufficient rains, some of which have caused minor complications to the Libyan Civil War, although it does not seem to be playing a major role.

08 June 2011

Latin America Update #32: Rainfall Rapidly Improving in CA and the Caribbean

During the last week moisture poured into Central America and the Caribbean, greatly improving rainfall there. Rainfall has stayed near average across northern South America. Meanwhile in the south, rainfall continues to be in short supply.

06 June 2011

Asia Update #32: Some Improvement in South Asia

There has been measurable improvement across southern Asia as rains have intensified, particularly in southern India and along the front range of the Himalayas. Dry weather continues across southern China, and into parts of southeast Asia. The Middle East remains seasonably dry.

03 June 2011

Africa Update #32: Improvement in West Africa

This past week brought significant improvement to the available moisture in west Africa. Elsewhere, rains continue to look good in the Ethiopian Highlands and across the Maghreb.

01 June 2011

Latin America Update #31: Dry Pockets Developing in Central America

There are a few ares of poor rainfall in Central America right now; the largest of which is in eastern Nicaragua. Northern South America has returned to a typically rain conditions. Meanwhile in the south, frontal activity is somewhat suppressed.