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29 April 2011

Africa Update #27: On the Brink of Catastrophe in the East

Although there is more rain falling in eastern Africa than there has been all season long, some areas still haven't seen a drop. The rains are nearly two months late in a three month wet season. A clear Intertropical Convergence Zone has set itself up in west Africa, a good sign there. In the south the wet season continues to come to a close and is showing no signs of pulling out early. Rains are picking up in the north, including disrupting the conflict in Libya.

27 April 2011

Latin America Update #26: Rains Arrive in Central America Highlands

Early season rains pushed into Central America this past week. Flooding remain firmly entrenched in central Colombia. Northeastern South America remained dry, raising concerns after more than a month of poor rainfall. The Amazon River basin was also dry, but here the break is a respite from the heavy rains of the previous weeks. A front provided late season rains to the Rio de la Plata basin, as far north as Paraguay.

25 April 2011

Asia Update #26: Rains ease in SE Asia

Rains continue after the end of the season from the Black and Caspian Seas to the Hindu Kush. The monsoon is recovering from a slow start in south Asia. Meanwhile rains ease across the ASEAN countries and drought persists in southern China.

22 April 2011

Africa Update #26: Rains Spread in GHA, but not Enough

Rainfall has improved significantly in the Greater Horn of Africa, but not nearly enough to make up deficits from earlier in the season. Early season rainfall continues in west Africa as a late season front pushes through southern Africa.

20 April 2011

Latin America Update #25: Rainy Season May Start This Week in Central America

Rains are currently forecast to be heavy in Central America next week, this would be the start of the rains there. At the same time, precipitation is continuing to shut down for the dry season in southern parts of South America. Rainfall continues to be heavy across the northern Andes, causing some flooding.

19 April 2011

Asia Update #25: Drought Devastating Southern China

Southern China is continuing to face one of the worst droughts it has faced in recent history. Elsewhere, rainfall is slightly off in eastern Bangladesh and northeastern India, but not significantly so. In southeast Asia, rains have progressed northward across the mainland. Light rains continue to fall in parts of Central Asia, eastward to Turkey, after the typical end of the season.

15 April 2011

Africa Update #25: Improvement in the East, but little Hope

Despite some improved rainfall across the east, there is little reason to think that there will be vast season long improvement. This contrasts with west Africa, where early season rainfall has been more than sufficient. In the south, some isolated flooding remains problematic. There has been very little rainfall in Libya, so weather has been irrelevant in the conflict.

13 April 2011

Latin America Update #24: Rains Focused in the Amazon Basin and Northern Andes

Rainfall continues to be focused on northern South America, with southern areas drying out earlier than normal, dashing any remaining hopes of pulling out a reasonable harvest. Preseasonal showers continue to pick up in intensity in Central America and the Caribbean.

11 April 2011

Asia Update #24: Slow Start to the Indian Monsoon

There has been a slightly slow start to the Indian monsoon, although it is too early to tell if this will have a significant impact on the season. Southern China remains locked into a long term drought, as excessive rainfall continues to pound southeast Asia.

08 April 2011

Africa Update #24: Crisis Building in the East

Rainfall is completely insufficient in east Africa for the second consecutive growing season.  Meanwhile in the south the rains have continued to ease, as is seasonal for this time of year. In west Africa rainfall is picking up along the southern coast, including in turbulent Côte d'Ivoire.

06 April 2011

Latin America Update #23: Rains Pull North

The rains are pulling north faster than usual. That means that Panama was wetter than usual, and Argentina is drier. In between those extremes are Colombia and Venezuela, where the last week brought poor rains, while patches across Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil had unusually heavy rains.

04 April 2011

Asia Update #23: Yet More Heavy Rain in ASEAN

Heavy rainfall persisted across the ASEAN countries, and moderate rains extended northwards into Bangladesh. Most of the rest of the region was quite, with China far too quiet.