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20 April 2011

Latin America Update #25: Rainy Season May Start This Week in Central America

Rains are currently forecast to be heavy in Central America next week, this would be the start of the rains there. At the same time, precipitation is continuing to shut down for the dry season in southern parts of South America. Rainfall continues to be heavy across the northern Andes, causing some flooding.
It is quite likely that the rainy season will start this week in much of Central America. The rains could be very heavy, especially in the highland regions of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador. More moderate rains are likely in Nicaragua and Belize. Flooding is a risk as this is the first major rain of the season, and the earth in most areas is hard baked by the dry season. Rains will continue as normal in Panama and Costa Rica. Mexico could also see a start to the rains, with precipitation possible reaching as far north as Mexico City.

In South America, the wet season is winding down in the areas south of the Amazon River Basin early. Continued poor rains are likely in many of these areas. There is a front that looks like it will drag slowly along the Brazil/Argentina border, that could provide relief. In the north, heavy rains have pounded much of the northern Andes over the last couple of weeks with flooding occurring in Colombia, and some of the western States of Brazil. Those heavy rains extend into Panama, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Severe, but very short-term dryness has moved into Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana. Little rain fell in this area over the last week, with poor rains extending back to the previous week. That dryness may come to an end next week as another round of steady rains are expected across the northern part of the continent.

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