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04 April 2011

Asia Update #23: Yet More Heavy Rain in ASEAN

Heavy rainfall persisted across the ASEAN countries, and moderate rains extended northwards into Bangladesh. Most of the rest of the region was quite, with China far too quiet.

The only thing of any significant note is the heavy rainfall across the ASEAN countries. Particularly hard hit was the southern Thailand-peninsular Malaysia area, where flooding was reported in a number of locations. I haven't seen anything about fatalities, but there almost certainly were people killed. The eastern Philippines was also hard hit, but away from Luzon. This rainfall pattern in the Philippines has been going on for nearly six months, and is likely to continue.

The rest of the region is fairly easy to sum up. Seasonal rains continue across Turkey, with the rest of the Middle East seasonably dry. Temperatures continue to rise across Central Asia, with the snow line making its way to higher and higher elevations. (Afghanistan could see some light, unseasonable rain during the next seven days.) Moisture continues to slowly move into India in preparation for the monsoon, and Bangladesh is showing higher than normal precipitation totals, this could possibly lead to an early start of the monsoon in that country. In China, drought continues to devastate the region south of the Yangtze River.

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