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06 April 2011

Latin America Update #23: Rains Pull North

The rains are pulling north faster than usual. That means that Panama was wetter than usual, and Argentina is drier. In between those extremes are Colombia and Venezuela, where the last week brought poor rains, while patches across Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil had unusually heavy rains.

Argentina and Uruguay received almost no last week as the rains shift out of those countries early. This is going to hurt crops in the region as the growing season is coming to a close. This is a sign that the rains are shifting north earlier than they normally would. The best confirmation of this is the early push of rains into Panama and Costa Rica.  This shift from last week will continue into next week.

In between these two regions heavy rain soaked parts of Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Brazil. There may have been some isolated flooding during heavy downpours in these areas. At the same time poor rains settled into Colombia, where there is likely to be damage to crops, especially along the Pacific coast, and in Venezuela, where dryness has not been as constant and there isn't as much danger to crops. Next week will continue to see hit and miss rains across the northern and central parts of South America.

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