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27 February 2011

Asia Update #18

Rainfall continues to play no role in the Middle East protests. Light rain showers fell across the east coast of India. Unusual dryness has set in across much of the larger Indonesian islands and southern China.

25 February 2011

Africa Update #18

The 'rain hole' in southern Africa remained in place, as a ridge remains firmly in place across southern Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Most of the rest of the region continues to have above average rainfall, causing intermittent flooding. If the ridge does not break down soon, crops will fail across a large swath of southern Africa. Weather may hamper ongoing protests in north Africa, and the next wet season is off to a good start in east Africa.

22 February 2011

Latin America Update #17

A mixed, but generally OK month in South America. The excessive flooding and drought both came to a close and a reasonably typical February has progressed.

21 February 2011

Asia Update #17

An overall good week in Asia, sufficient moisture in the Middle East, an easing of rain across Sri Lanka (though still too much), beneficial rains in some of southern China and a general easing of precipitation across southeast Asia.

18 February 2011

Africa Update #17

Bingiza slammed into Madagascar this weekend causing significant flooding and damage to the northeastern portion of the island. Meanwhile on the mainland there has been a month of dry weather, in some areas. This may be putting crops at risk during a year when flooding should be more of a concern.

15 February 2011

11 February 2011

Asia Update #16

Wet weather pushes through the Middle East, snow depths continue to grow across Central Asia. In China and the Koreas, a cold dry winter persists, and in southeast Asia, a more moderate week of rains.

Africa Update #16

Dry weather (yes, you read that right) pushes into parts of southern Africa, as the Belg rains are slow to start in Ethiopia.

08 February 2011

Latin America Update #15

Dry weather pushes back into Argentina and Uruguay at the same time that moderate rains returned to the areas of Brazil that experienced flooding a few weeks ago. Those moderate rains reach back across parts of Paraguay, Bolivia and eastern Peru. Big changes are on the way in Colombia, as the weeks of dryness come to a close and most of the continent prepares to get soaked.

07 February 2011

Asia Update #15

Heavy rains cause flooding in southern Iran, as rainfall stays steady across the rest of the Middle East. Dry weather continues across southern China. Sri Lanka returned to its excessively wet pattern as another round of isolated flooding hits southeast Asia.

04 February 2011

Africa Update #15

A slight break from the excessive moisture across some areas of southern Africa during the last week. Madagascar, however had extremely heavy rain. As protests continue in the north, dry but cool weather remains firmly in place, as is seasonal. Some snow has accumulated in Morocco over the last week.

02 February 2011

Latin America Update #14

Dryness continues to allow southern states of Brazil to dry out. At the same time, dryness is becoming concerning in western Colombia. Dry weather also continued to be an issue in Paraguay and Bolivia. Where was all of the rain? Peru, along the Amazon River in Brazil, and in Argentina.