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25 February 2011

Africa Update #18

The 'rain hole' in southern Africa remained in place, as a ridge remains firmly in place across southern Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Most of the rest of the region continues to have above average rainfall, causing intermittent flooding. If the ridge does not break down soon, crops will fail across a large swath of southern Africa. Weather may hamper ongoing protests in north Africa, and the next wet season is off to a good start in east Africa.

The ridge in southern Africa, which has now weakened enough to allow some rain to push back into much of Botswana, Zambia and the Caprivi Strip, continues to block rainfall in much of Zimbabwe, Mozambique and far northern South Africa. The improvement is, however, noticeable. Should precipitation continue across these areas, and they are currently forecast to do so, there will be limited damage to crops. Much of Mozambique, Zimbabwe and northern South Africa will no fair as well. Damage to crops is approaching an irreversible point and a continued  lack of rainfall will become drought in the next weeks.

In eastern Africa, the next wet season is just now beginning and the preseasonal showers so far have been gentle. This will allow the hard baked soil from last seasons drought to soften up before heavier rains arrive, preventing a major flooding incident.

In northern Africa amid protests, and near civil war in Libya, moderate rains are likely in coastal Algeria, and dry weather will persist in Morocco. There is a chance of a passing light showers in Libya over the next week. That includes Tripoli, which could complicate the siege that news agencies claim Gaddafi is preparing for.

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