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21 September 2011

The End is the Begining

As of today, DevWeather will cease its blogging operations. We will continue as a twitter feed, and continue to respond to all questions emailed to us and given to us on Quora.

Thank you, this past year has been a great experience.


19 September 2011

Asia Update #47: Heavy Rains Slam China, Southeast Asia

Heavy rainfall returned to China, although it shifted further north, flooding remains a major concern. In southeast Asia, onshore flow out of the South China Sea continued pump moisture into Laos and Vietnam causing localized flooding. Rainfall is starting to taper off across south Asia as the season is coming to a close.

16 September 2011

Africa Update #47: Heavy rainfall continues across central Africa

Precipitation continued to come down heavily from eastern Niger down to Lake Victoria. Meanwhile season-long deficits are starting to get too high to ignore across Cote d'Ivorie and Ethiopia. Continued poor rainfall in North Sudan and Eritrea has caused major damage to cropping activities. Most of west Africa, however has maintained good ground moisture throughout the season.

14 September 2011

Latin America #46: Heavy rain, possible flooding in southern Brazil

Heavy precipitation has caused flooding in southern Brazil. Moderate rains have continued to pound Guatemala and Mexico, as dry conditions creep into Honduras and points southward in Central America. Rains have continued steadily across northern South America.

12 September 2011

Asia Update #46: Moisture Moves into Vietnam and Causes Flooding in China

Rainfall has pushed into Vietnam from the South China Sea, some of the moisture made it as far inland as Laos and Cambodia. Precipitation has continued steadily from Thailand westward across south Asia. Moisture deficits in China increased only in the coastal regions, further inland a flooding event has cause fatalities and destroyed property.

09 September 2011

Tropical Storms Maria and Nate are likely to Strengthen and make Landfall

Africa Update #46: Rainfall Pattern Flips

Thus far this season, precipitation has been plentiful from the Nigeria-Benin border westward, with a few isolated exceptions. Meanwhile, eastward from that point, rainfall has been generally lacking, with a few exceptions. This arrangement of precipitation has flipped around this axis suddenly, and for the most part, that is a good thing.