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07 September 2011

Latin America Update #45: Very large dipole set up across Latin America

Moisture remains plentiful around the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean, excessively so in southern Guatemala. This extra moisture has pushed back the drought in Mexico. In South America, around the greater Pampas and Rio de la Plata basin area, has been dry this past week.

Rain is coming down in buckets across most of the Caribbean, Mexico and Central America. The precipitation has been particularly heavy in Guatemala, where flooding has been reported in the south. The only area not seeing excessive moisture is the east coast of Nicaragua and Costa Rica, and parts of Panama, where for the most part moisture is slightly below normal. These areas are generally either uninhabited or not significantly dependent on agriculture. Colombia and Venezuela are also continuing to do well, although rainfall has been consistently moderate here. To the north the Mexican drought has been eased, although it remains severe, especially near the United States border.

Further south northern Brazil, Guyana and Suriname had a dry week, as have Uruguay, Paraguay and nearby parts of Brazil and Argentina. None of this dryness is critical as it only represents one week in what has generally been a good season.

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