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14 September 2011

Latin America #46: Heavy rain, possible flooding in southern Brazil

Heavy precipitation has caused flooding in southern Brazil. Moderate rains have continued to pound Guatemala and Mexico, as dry conditions creep into Honduras and points southward in Central America. Rains have continued steadily across northern South America.
Very heavy rain fell in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina triggering widespread flooding and putting 10 towns underwater. It is very likely that additional towns will be flooded. 500,000 people have been affected and numerous fatalities have been reported. Damage is widespread and the clean up- once the rains stop- will take months. Light rainfall is likely to persist into the coming week.

Moderate rainfall in Guatemala and Mexico has continued benefit crops. Drought in Mexico has been pushed back out of the Yucatan as well as back from Veracruz and into the Central Highlands. Lee, which made landfall this past week, caused very minor damage, but brought needed moisture into the central parts of Mexico. Relief is still need from north of Mexico City all the way to the Rio Grande. Meanwhile a persistent dry patch in central Honduras has continued to be problematic, it's not severe yet, but moisture needs to make its way into the central valleys around the capital. Patchy dryness also continues in Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Panama.

South America has continued to have a typical season with moderate rainfall from Colombia eastward towards French Guiana, and only scattered dryness in Amazonas state in northern Brazil. Seasonal precipitation has also continued across Uruguay and Paraguay as well as nearby parts of Brazil and Argentina, with the exception of Santa Catarina and the aforementioned flooding.

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