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28 October 2010

Africa Update #1

Wet conditions continue across much of Africa, as the rains have been slow to move south, as fast as they typically would this time of year. This slow retreat of the rains has compounded with a wetter than normal rainy season in west Africa. The end result is unusually saturated soils in western and eastern Africa with flooding being a regular feature all season long. The slower than usually southward movement of the rains has also left parts of southern Africa dry for the early part of their wet season.

Launch Delayed

So obviously my promise of an 'official' update during the next week didn't happen. I've retooled how I am going to approach this, and I am closing in on an actual first post fairly soon.

18 October 2010

Dev Weather Prepares for Launch

So tonight I am still just getting Dev Weather off the ground. Hopefully in the next week I will have the first broadcast of Dev Weather up and ready. Until then, this place will be a little bland.