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31 October 2010


A new hurricane, Tomas, is continuing an active hurricane season in the Atlantic basin. Tomas currently has winds at just under 100 mph (160 km/h) and is passing well to the north of Venezuela. At the current time the forecasted track by the US based National Hurricane Center takes the storm off to the east until it is south of Hispaniola, and then the storm gets pushed to the north, by winds in the upper atmosphere, almost directly at Port-au-Prince, Haiti. This would be bad timing as the city, and country, are still reeling from the earthquake that struck the area earlier this year. Winds, at the time of landfall, if landfall does occur, could be as strong, or stronger, than they are now. The storm will either pass by Haiti, or make landfall sometime on Tuesday. More detailed information will be available as we get closer. Tomas already made its way through the eastern Caribbean islands, soaking Barbados, Martinique and other nearby islands.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, this could be really bad for Haiti. Also uncertain is where it will go afterwards. This is something we have to watch closely in the US.