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08 June 2011

Latin America Update #32: Rainfall Rapidly Improving in CA and the Caribbean

During the last week moisture poured into Central America and the Caribbean, greatly improving rainfall there. Rainfall has stayed near average across northern South America. Meanwhile in the south, rainfall continues to be in short supply.

Precipitation came down heavy in both Central America and the Caribbean. All Caribbean islands now have a surplus since May 1st. That includes Haiti's preseason rains. On the mainland only Guatemala and Mexico have significant moisture deficits. Those deficits have been dropping, and during this past week they dropped too quickly, causing some localized flooding in the southern parts of Guatemala. Overall the increase in rainfall was a change for the better, although more is still needed in northern Guatemala and much of Mexico.

In South America rainfall has been near average across the north from Colombia to French Guiana. There are some slight moisture deficits in parts of Ecuador, although these do not look too severe at the moment. In the south, Paraguay, Uruguay and nearby parts of Argentina and Brazil are in need of more rainfall. Similarly in southern Chile, rainfall has been suppressed. The problem isn't a lack of frontal systems, it is a lack of available moisture that is causing problems. Until that changes moisture will be insufficient; hurting winter wheat crops, drinking water availability and snow pack.

The forecast is rosy across the region. Moisture continues to stream into Central America, the Caribbean and northern South America. At the same time the first drops of moisture look like they may start to work their way back into parched areas of southern South America over the next week.

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