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24 June 2011

Africa Update #35: Relief arrives in Chad

Rainfall surged into Chad, bringing some parts of the country, particularly the marginal areas, into positive rainfall totals for the season. Dryness, however, remains a problem in Chad, and nearby countries. Rains continue in Ethiopia, as the country is on track for a reasonable season. Far west Africa is also having an average wet season, although the rains have been slightly slow moving into Senegal. Precipitation continues in Morocco and Algeria, with trying further east.
Heavy rain has significantly reduced deficits in Chad, and nearby countries. Northern parts of West Darfur, in Sudan, northern Cameroon, and much of Niger, have seen substantial improvement in rainfall anomalies during the last week. However, deficits remain in parts of Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic and Sudan. Western Niger has a few spotty areas in the most productive parts of the country. All of these areas are now also dealing with poorly distributed rainfall. Precipitation needs to stabilize from the Niger River to Darfur in order for the region to have a productive season. The only other area of note in west Africa, is Senegal, where rain is about a week or two late in the Ground Nut Basin. Rainfall is expected to continue across much of west Africa, although little to no precipitation will move into dry parts of Senegal.

Ethiopia, Morocco and Algeria continued to see seasonal rainfall. Tunisia was dry this week, although a week or so break is not unusual this time of year. Seasonal dryness continues in civil war torn Libya. Next week will be dry across all of north Africa, with only a few light showers possible.

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