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16 August 2011

Latin America Update #42: Moisture exits northern South America

Northern South America once again dried out as near normal conditions continued across the Caribbean, Central America and the Rio de la Plata basin.

The badly needed moisture that had finally pushed into most of Venezuela last week, abruptly withdrew again this week. Much of Venezuela and nearby areas stretching from Suriname and Guyana and westward into parts of Colombia posted week-long deficits over the last seven days. The dryness also extends southward into parts of Amazonas state in Brazil. Whatever relief last weeks improved rains provided was likely undone by this weeks much poorer totals.

Around Rio de la Plata, rainfall remains steady and well distributed. Conditions are neither too wet nor to dry across Paraguay, Uruguay, and nearby areas of Brazil and Argentina.

Similar conditions reign over the Caribbean and Central America, although the Southern Atlantic Province of Nicaraguay and interior parts of Haiti have very tiny deficits that they have accumulated since August 1st. This is something that could easily be rectified by a heavy, soaking rain, and nothing that should be of much concern, even in crisis stricken Haiti. In Mexico, the North American Drought Monitor has shown some limited improvement in July over the June analysis. Thus far some more improvements are likely when the August analysis is released in September.

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