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18 May 2011

Latin America Update #29: Heavy Rain in Northern South America

As seasonal conditions continue in Central America, the Caribbean and most of South America, the only area of significant interest is northern South America. Heavy rains poured down across central Colombia, Guyana, and Suriname. Heavy rainfall was also reported in Oaxaca state in Mexico.
Heavy rains in central Colombia, may have aggravated areas already dealing with high water, flooding and landslides from excessive moisture earlier this year. What is really needed is a good week of dry weather to allow rivers to drain down. In Guyana, Suriname and nearby parts of Brazil heavy rainfall may have caused flooding. However, impacted areas are largely uninhabited and this is not likely to impact urban areas, nor agricultural land. The excessive precipitation could continue into next week across northern South America.

Heavy precipitation in Oaxaca, Mexico will likely not continue into next week. These rains were a bit out of season, and are an isolated incident. Little to no flooding took place in Oaxaca as a result.

Rainfall in Central America and the Caribbean has progressed well so far. May is the first month of the season, and we do have a ways to go before the first cropping season is completed. Next week may bring additional rainfall to the region.

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