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10 May 2011

Asia Update #28: Rains return to China, India and Bangledesh

Substantial improvement in Bangladesh, nearby parts of India, along with southern, drought ravaged, China. Heavy rain pounded the central Philippines, as dry weather settled into Sumatra and Borneo. Meanwhile the Middle East, including Syria, has returned to seasonably dry weather.

Moisture has arrived in Bangladesh and nearby parts of India. We can now breath a sigh of relief, the preseason rain arrived before any damage was done, as the growing season has not yet started. Moisture has also pushed into Bhutan and Nepal. Meanwhile southern China finally broken its dry spell. Now the drought is far from over with, and the heavy rains from last week likely caused flooding.  Heavy precipitation on hard baked soil, typically causes an abnormally high amount of run off. So rather than solving the problem, this heavy rain event quite possibly caused a new one.

In southeast Asia, heavy rains pounded the central islands of the Philippines. That may have triggered some localized flooding. Meanwhile, in Indonesia, both Borneo and Sumatra dried out, with almost no rain during the last week. Precipitation totals that small are very unusual in Indonesia.

The Middle East has returned to seasonable conditions. In Syria, where protests are reaching a fevered pitch, that means the weather is dry, and for now, cool.

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