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25 May 2011

Latin America Update #30: Rains End in Southern Brazil

The rains have come to an end in southern Brazil, and no region south of roughly the Amazon River has received significant rainfall. Ok, so that isn't entirely true. Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay have entered their "mid-latitude season". Rains have started up a bit slow in Central America. Meanwhile the Caribbean islands continue to receive preseasonal showers.

The second front of the season moved through northern Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and far southern Brazil during the last week. Rains were generally light throughout the region. In Central America the rains are under-performing for the first month of the Primera season, although this was still just the beginning of the two growing seasons in Central America. Meanwhile on the islands early season rains across the region have been decent, although a little more precipitation would be useful across Cuba and Haiti. This is not critical, however, as the growing season has not yet started.

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