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19 January 2011

Latin America Update #12

Flooding has continued in Brazil, and the forecast for the coming week shows that flooding could continue. New flooding may cause localized problems in Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay. Colombia has had another dry week, which is welcome, but will soon need more rainfall for substance farmers living in the west of the country. Meanwhile, Argentina remains slightly dry, but is still having a marginal season.

Flooding continues in Brazil. At my last check, more than 700 are dead, and that number continues to climb. Additional heavy rain during the next week will only aggravate the on going flooding in the cities of Brazil. The coming week will bring additional flooding, much of that looks like it will be in the rural areas and São Paulo. Rio De Janeiro, will most likely not be affected.

The dry weather in Peru, Bolivia and Paraguay may come to an abrupt end during the next seven days. This quick of a turn around may well cause flooding, possibly severe flooding. Keep an eye on this, as this could be a very sudden event, similar to the flooding in Brazil, although there is no indication that it will last as long.

Colombia has had another week off. This is still a good thing, but if Colombia does not again establish a steady, but gentle rainfall pattern this could become a problem, as crops will dry out, even with the excessive rain that Colombia rounded out last year with.

Argentina continues to struggle to get enough moisture. True, light rain has continued in the critical growing areas, but at the same time that rain has been insufficient, and this has been a season long problem. At this point there is going to be some crop damage, but it will be limited because the rainfall has been steady throughout the season, and ultimately that is slightly more important than totals for a mediocre crop.

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