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13 January 2011

Brazilian Flooding hits São Paulo, Rio

Heavy rains continue to shift around in Brazil, this time it was the urban southeastern areas that flooded. São Paulo State, which is mainly the São Paulo metro area, and Rio de Janeiro received a deluge today and yesterday that has killed hundreds, and destroyed infrastructure and private property in the cities. This comes on the heals of heavy rain and flooding in the more interior, rural parts of the country.

Additional heavy rains are likely during the coming seven days. This includes the likelihood of more flooding in and around the major metropolitan areas of the country as well as the fertile areas of southern and central Brazil. I've looked around a bit and economists seem to feel that there is a good chance of an economically viable soy crop this year in Brazil. That is a major improvement over dryness earlier in the season, when there were concerns of a failed cropping season.

*Photo from Christian Science Monitor

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