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12 January 2011

Latin America Update #11

Things have calmed down a lot this week in South America. Heavy rains shifted again, this time targeting Amazonas state and nearby parts of Colombia. Dry periods, overall, on the continent are being balanced by wet periods, expect in Colombia which still has way to much moisture, and northern Argentina, which really could use some more rain.

This update is going to be very short. Here is what is going on in South America right now. The heavy rains in central and eastern Brazil have backed off, allowing rivers to drain down. Most of Colombia has now had a couple weeks of a break. Amazonas, easily one of the driest parts of South America currently, got a break over most of the state. Amazonas is sparsely populated and has very little agriculture production going on, so this would have been a much bigger concern if it was happening just about anywhere else in Brazil.

Argentina, Bolivia and Peru, however, remain locked in a dry pattern. These areas chance of recovery grow slimmer each day. Although Argentina is getting hit the hardest, it is also the country best able to cope with these kinds of problems. This past week northwestern Argentina did get heavy rains in the north, flooding and some local damage is likely- but this was an isolated incident in a semi remote area. Even in this localized area, 30 day anomalies have barely recovered. The overall season has progressed poorly in Bolivia and Peru have gotten very little relief this dry season.

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