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23 March 2011

Latin America Update #21: Flooding in Guyana

A second week of heavy rains in Guyana has triggered more flooding. Dry weather in Argentina and Brazil, as well as a mix of wet and dry conditions from Colombia down to Ecuador and Peru.

Heavy rain fell across northern Guyana for the second week in a row. The heavy rain caused flooding, mainly in the north. This does pose a risk to the Georgetown area, although because of its small size, urban flooding is not likely an issue. These very wet conditions contrast sharply with the rest of South America.

Much of Brazil was unusually dry, especially along the Amazon river course, from Amazonas to the Atlantic Ocean. Argentina also faced drier than normal conditions. The poor rainfall totals were widespread Just about every country had significant dryness during the last week, except Chile, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana.

In a big turn around for next week, heavy rainfall is expected across much of the continent. Northern Argentina and throughout the Amazon basin, as well as stretching along the Andes from Bolivia to Colombia, including Ecuador and Peru. Flooding is possible in all of these areas.  Rain showers will continue in Guyana, however not with the same intensity of the last few weeks.

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