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30 March 2011

Latin America Update #22: Not Much Happening

So, yeah not much happened. Yeah, it rained but nowhere was the rain extreme, and only in places that have had season-long dryness, was there any continuing dryness.

Ok, so I over sold it when I said "Not Much Happening". In reality there were two spots of heavy rain. North central Peru, and along the Colombia/Panama border. However, in my defense both areas are sparsely populated and not heavily farmed. On the northeastern coast rains calmed down after two weeks of torrential downpours in Guyana. Dry weather remained over Bolivia, Paraguay and nearby parts of Peru, Argentina and Brazil. Some of the heavy rain in Colombia did help displace some of the season long dryness along the Pacific coast.

Next week rains will start to shift northward, and out of Argentina. Moisture should remain abundant across most of the rest of the continent.

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