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01 March 2011

Latin America Update #18

The end of the wet season continues to come together nicely across most of South America. Concerns remain over western Colombia, and some of the dry spells that occurred across parts of northern Argentina, and southern Brazil.
The lead in really says it all. The growing season is about to come to a close, and there are a few areas of concern. Northern Argentina and southern Brazil slipped in and out of dry periods, mainly towards the early part of the season. Brazil turned destructively wet (ie flooding) in January, and then much of February was dry. That dryness is now coming to a close as some moderate rainfall has returned to the region. I'm not expecting any large areas of total loses, but there are some areas that were not able to recover when the rains returned.

Bolivia and Paraguay have had periods of dryness during the season as well, but generally less serious. In Peru the south had dryness early in the season, followed by dryness in the north. Some damage to crops is likely in each region.

Colombia dealt with worse flooding than Brazil did. The flooding mainly occurred from the Panama border southward close to the Pacific coast. That same area turned very dry afterward and other than the occasional shower there has been no rainfall. Crops in this area, shown in dark brown on the Pacific coast in the map above, are likely to have failed.

No other large parts of South America will have had any major fluctuations. The global market will have some reduction in soy, and local food shortages in Colombia and Peru will .

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