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18 July 2011

Asia Update #38: Rains Still off Across South Asia

Rainfall is still not where it needs to be across India, this week rainfall concentrated in northwestern India, denying much of the rest of the country of needed moisture. Meanwhile in the Pacific, Ma-on is looking like it will miss the developing east Asian countries, Japan, however is likely to take the brunt of a very powerful typhoon. Southeast Asia picked up much better rainfall over the last week. In the Middle East, conditions remained seasonably dry.
Rain in India shift into yet another pattern, and one that continues to not significantly help crops. Precipitation has now moved into the northeast part of the country. This area with the  lowest agriculture production in the country, and in some areas is desert. Nepal and Bhutan both did do alright this past week, and rainfall did make its way into northern Maharashtra over towards parts of Uttar Pradesh. That will help to ease concerns about dry weather in those areas, but much of southern, eastern, northeastern India and all of Bangladesh are starting to run out of time for relief to arrive.

Moisture has pushed into most parts of southeast Asia, including all of the mainland, except Burma, and a few patchy areas in Indonesia. Things are looking much better across this region.

East Asia is facing its own peril. very strong Typhoon Ma-on was threatening possible landfall in Taiwan or China, but instead shifted northward. At the moment the storm is heading away from these countries and is instead heading moving towards far southern Japan. There is the risk that storm will continue heading in this direction, slam into southern Japan and proceed on to South Korea and North Korea. Instead the forecast models currently sends Ma-on running along the Japanese east coast, most Japanese cities are at risk for landfall, including Tokyo, and the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

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