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28 July 2011

Africa Update #40: Rainfall Pattern Remains Static across Africa

Precipitation in Africa has continued to not be sufficient in much of the Sahel. This leaves moisture below normal from Niger and Nigeria eastward to Sudan. Cote D'Ivorie, Liberia and Ghana have had some rainfall problems, although there is a brief easing in the rains that is typical for this time of the year. Western Ethiopia has been having a good season.

Rainfall is continuing slip with some areas of Niger, Nigeria, South Sudan and North Sudan approaching half of normal rainfall. Chad, Cameroon and southeastern Central African Republic have been doing better, and have managed to run at near normal precipitation for the last month- even though season-long deficits remain. This set up is not likely to breakdown before precipitation starts shifting southward in a few weeks. By then some locations could see crops damaged beyond repair.

Coastal parts of Ghana, Cote d'Ivorie and much of Liberia have seen a dry couple of weeks. Normally this time of year rainfall slows down in this area of Africa. It should end in a few weeks, by some time in mid-August. This doesn't pose a serious threat to the region.

Lastly, in the Ethiopian highlands, rainfall has been good throughout the season.

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