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23 November 2010

Latin America Update #4

Precipitation remains sufficient across much of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador and the smaller countries in northern South America. Poor rainfall totals, however can be easily found across much of the southern part of South America and Venezuela. In Central America, low precipitation totals have possibly had a negative impact on the Postrera harvest.

Much of Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Guyana and Suriname have received well distributed rainfall. This is where the good news ends. A line stretching from north of Lima, Peru down to Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil separates the region doing well, from the drier south. I'd like to continue to emphasize that season is still early, although it is starting to edge deeper into what should be the rainy season in many of these areas. Little relief is on tap for next week as dry weather is expected to remain firmly in place. This is especially true from northern Argentina, which has taken the brunt of the dryness thus far. The areas in northern Argentina and southern Brazil that are facing dryness are major producers of soy and grains.

Looking towards the north, in Central America, rainfall has been spotty for the last month or so. Damage is becoming likely to Postrera crops in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. These same countries received normal rainfall during the last week, however this precipitation has done nothing to relieve longer-term deficits. Meanwhile, Panama and Costa Rica received a second week of easier rainfall, which is likely to beneficial, although Panama does have a season long deficit.

Another week of dry weather in Haiti has likely helped containment of the cholera outbreak. Dry weather should reduce standing water and allow aid workers to move around the country.

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