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08 November 2010

Cholera reaches Port-au-Prince

As a direct result of flooding from the passage of Hurricane Tomas, cholera has now reached Port-au-Prince. These are just preliminary reports, but they are almost certain to be confirmed later on. Cholera is also now spreading rapidly into other parts of the country. Before Tomas passed the island, six of Haiti's ten provinces had reported cholera. Now only the southern peninsula has yet to report an outbreak. The arrival in Port-au-Prince could also accelerate the spread to other parts of the country as Port-au-Prince is the political, transit and commercial hub of Haiti.

Large amounts of standing water, and most people with no access to potable water is what has aggravated this situation. There is also the potential for the outbreak of other water-borne diseases. Malaria is a growing threat as well with an expected rise in the mosquito population. The death toll from the cholera outbreak is now approaching 550.

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