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08 November 2010

Jal now over the Arabian Sea

Jal, or what is left of it is now out over the Arabian Sea. Above is Jal, just before it made its way out of Karnataka. Minor localized flooding, some uprooted trees were reported, mainly in Tamil Nadu, but also a little bit in Andhra Pradesh. The storm did bring heavy, but not flooding, rain to Karnataka. Coastal parts of the state continue to receive rain.

Jal's remnants, now just a weak low-pressure system, are pushing northward along the coast, rain is possible in Mumbai and Pune. It will then head into Gujarat, before completely falling apart. Little to no strengthening is likely while the system is out over the Arabian Sea and significant damage to infrastructure is unlikely.

On a side note, this system, before it organized in the Bay of Bengal, was the low-pressure area responsible for last weeks flooding rains in Thailand and Malaysia.

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