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28 November 2010

Asia Update #5

Vietnam and much of Southeast Asia got a needed break from heavy rain over the last week, as did parts of the Middle East, especially Turkey. Seasonable dry weather has moved into both East Asia and South Asia. There is the potential for heavy rain to return to Southeast Asia during the next week, and below freezing temperatures will likely surge southward across Afghanistan and Iran.

Southeast Asia got a much needed break in a wet season that has already included major flooding. Most of the flooding has happened on the mainland, where seasonably dry weather has moved in. Vietnam, who had received the brunt of the heavy rain during the past month, has had a week of near normal precipitation. Elsewhere, in Sumatra and Java low rainfall during the past week has caused large deficits. Like Vietnam and Thailand, these deficits are welcome after several months of excessive rainfall. There was likely no new flooding across the region.

Rainfall in western Turkey has relieved dryness in the area. The much needed rainfall, however, did not make it to the eastern part of the country. No relief made it into the Caucasus region or northwestern Iran. Once again, the deficits are not severe, but in the Middle East short term dryness quickly and easily can turn to severe drought. The main threat is a reduction in drinking water.

Cold weather is expected to surge southward during the next week across Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran with week long lows dipping below 0oC or 32oF in Afghanistan and Iran. Frigid temperatures across the Hindu Kush mountains and Kashmir are a bit early for the winter, however there should be a slight warm up before these temperatures settle in for the season. This will not help ski slopes open early in Iran, nor building of snow pack in Afghanistan as there is no snow associated with the cold weather.

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