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15 December 2010

Latin America Update #7

Venezuela and most of Colombia caught a break over the last week. Panama, and nearby areas of Colombia, including those adversely affected in last weeks flooding, experienced heavy rainfall. Similar downpours occurred in southern Peru, and near the tri-border area of Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

Lately Venezuela and Colombia have received too much rainfall, to the point of flooding and landslides. The last week has proven much drier across most of both countries. However, there is an exception. Far western Colombia, near the Panama border, got slammed once again. Primarily Choco and Antioquia departments got hit, but nearby parts of other departments also received heavy downpours. The heavy rains carry over onto the North American continent in Panama as far north as the Canal. Southern Peru also got slammed during the last week. Heavy rainfall pushed into the more remote areas of the country, possibly causing flooding, although with how dry the season has been so far, flooding may have been a more isolated issue.

While the ship has not completely righted across Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay. There has been improvement. The dry areas are no longer as dry and some areas are rapidly improving, especially in southern Paraguay and nearby parts of Argentina and Brazil. An area of growing concern is Amazomas state in Brazil. Week after week in the state has remained drier than usual.

One thing to look out for during the next week is the possibility that the parts of Panama and Colombia that got soaked during the last week, may get hit again. Amazomas state may also see some improvement over the next seven days.

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