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24 December 2010

Africa Update #9

Rains eased up across southern Africa during the last week, but surpluses from earlier in the season have kept anomalies positive. A few areas remain with season-long deficits, but not in the major crop growing areas, nor in the more unstable regions.

Overall precipitation has been sufficient across almost all of southern Africa with the exception of some isolated areas. The major growing areas of South Africa away from the critical Maize Triangle, along with southern Mozambique and Namibia's Caprivi strip have received surplus precipitation. Other areas are somewhat below normal, however they are largely in non-growing areas. It is also still somewhat early in the growing season. The approximate deadline for getting all crops in the ground is December 31st in the most southern growing areas of the Maize Triangle.

Generally the season is progressing well across southern Africa with plenty of moisture across all of the critical growing areas. With moderate rainfall during the past week no significant flooding is likely. Next week will look similar to this week, with moderate rainfall across the region.

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