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26 December 2010

Asia Update #9

Cold temperatures are likely to ease a bit across China as more seasonable air moves into the the eastern part of the country. Meanwhile, the drying trend continues in Indonesia.
 Just another 24 hours of the bitter cold in China and then things should begin to moderate to more seasonable temperatures.

Indonesia remains the area where things are changing. The drying trend there is expanding, and now covers most of Sumatra, Java, Borneo and Sulawesi. I'm not yet going to speculate on why it's happening, mostly because it is not yet problematic on the ground. This is a very wet part of the world, during a wet time of year. Slightly (and I would like to repeat the word 'slightly') drier than normal conditions is not something to be frowned upon.

Nothing exciting going on in the Middle East. Sri Lanka, on the other hand, has been very wet and continues to deal with flooding problems.

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